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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Guests pretend to be pregnant to void paying for luggage fees

To avoid paying luggage fees, a tourist pretends to be pregnant by hiding his laptop and clothes on herself. However, this person was arrested at the last minute at the gate.

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During the flight from Melbourne to Sydney (Australia), female tourist Rebecca Andrew decided to pretend to be pregnant to avoid paying US $ 41 for overweight luggage. Despite trying to hide her clothes and laptop on her body, she was spotted at the last minute by flight attendants.

Rebecca takes a flight from Jetstar Australia. Its service only allows passengers to bring 7 kg in hand luggage, overweight luggage will have to pay more.
Rebecca Andrew tries to hide the laptop on her body to avoid excess baggage charges. Photo: Instagram.

In a video posted on Instagram, Rebecca wore a leopard pattern print jumpsuit to keep things on her body. She placed the laptop case on her back and held it with the straps of her jumpsuit. She also wrapped the laptop charger in clothes and put it on her stomach to look like a pregnant belly. Rebecca wore additional casual clothes including jeans, sweater, and jacket. Loose clothes can hide the "fake belly" easily.

After the crew weighs Andrew's luggage at the boarding gate and announces the correct weight, her tactic is almost tripping. However, Rebecca was caught in the last minute.
She could almost board the plane without paying extra luggage if she didn't drop the plane ticket to the floor. Photo: Instagram.

She dropped the plane ticket to the floor and when she bent down to pick it up, the shape of the laptop behind her became clear. The crew doubted and asked if she was wearing a backpack in her jacket.

Rebecca said that getting on the plane ultimately was the "only mistake" she made because all the attention was on her. However, this failure did not prevent Rebecca from trying again in the future.

Andrew tried to lie that he was only wearing more clothes because it was cold. But eventually, the crew discovered the truth and asked her to pay an additional 41 USD.

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