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Monday, April 27, 2020

The village of African nobility

Tiebele is considered the unique village of Africa, with houses built of clay and painted beautifully.

Located in the southwest of Burkina Faso, a landlocked country, is a small village called Tiébélé. This place attracts the attention of visitors thanks to the uniqueness of sukhala - traditional houses without windows with colorful walls.

The village Tiébélé has an area of about 1.2 hectares, which is home to the Kassena people. They were the first people to settle in this area in the 15th century and were the nation's oldest tribe. Currently, the people living in this village are the Kassena nobility. The decoration, coloring of the house is a way to distinguish the residence of common people in the tribe.
Residents of this village belong to the nobility, elite of the tribe and including the leader. Photo: Bill Rodgers / Cfile online.
In 2017, when American tourist Bill Rodgers visited the village, he was asked not to wear red clothes and bring an umbrella. Only aristocratic families have the privilege of doing that. Due to compliance with this, Bill creates close relationships with the host.

The Kassena tribe is an example of people who know how to use natural resources to express their rich culture. They decorate the house by drawing intricate patterns around the house. The main tool is pastels. However, the most ornate and beautiful place is not the house, but the tomb of the deceased. The person who takes charge of this decorating task from ancient times was often a woman. The colors used are black, white, and red.
The houses here have very small and low doors. Photo: Vintage news.
These houses have no windows to protect people in the house. After a house is built, people who live there will have to wait two days. If a lizard appears in it then it is considered a good score. Otherwise, the house will be destroyed.

Most visitors stay here for 2 days and 3 nights, to relax and clear their minds because Tiébélé is peaceful, away from large markets, large roads and cities. However, the people here are open, honest and friendly, making many tourists decide to stay longer than expected.

Although famous and popular, the people in the village still do not want to turn this place into a tourist destination. The reason is that they want to preserve their place intact. However, in the future, the government has planned to turn this place into a tourist resort to provide economic support for local people as well as fundraising for the restoration of ancient buildings in the village.

The village Tiébélé is located in Nahouri province, southwest of Burkina Faso, 50 km from the northern border of Ghana. The capital of Nahouri is Po, visitors often go to Po and then start to the village Tiébélé.

You can reach Tiebele by public transport. If you come to Burkina Faso from Ghana, you can cross the border of Paga. This village is located on the way that visitors travel to the capital Ouagadougou.

You can join the car with other visitors from across the border, it takes 30 minutes to arrive. You can go to the minibus for a cheaper price, but it takes more time to move. When you go to Po, find a minibus to reach the village of Tiébélé. Alternatively, you can take a bus going straight from the capital to this village, which takes about 3.5-4 hours.

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