The street works inspiring during the disease times

The street works inspiring during the disease times

Artists around the world have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic with impressive graffiti (spray paintings), spreading positive and meaningful messages to people.

Hamm wall in Germany

On the Hamm wall in Germany, the artwork was born as a thanks to the medical staff, nurses, and doctors who have been dedicated to curing patients with Covid-19 over the past time.


A spray painting in Pontefract, England, depicts the logo of the British National Health Service (NHS). At the same time, the image of the rainbow and the heart appeared as a gratitude to the NHS staff who participated in treating Covid-19 patients.


Outside the apartments in Gatchina, Leningrad, Russia, a giant picture inspired by the new strain of corona virus impresses.


In Khartoum, Sudan, a street painting with half-face masks is part of an awareness campaign to respond to Covid-19. Accompanying the picture is the hashtag "Be alert".

Los Angeles

Artwork on the streets of Los Angeles, USA, is amusing pedestrians. It is the image of Prince Harry wearing a hoodie, printed the slogan "Keep calm and remember to wash your hands."

Aziz al-Asmar

Syrian artist, Aziz al-Asmar, and the children pose for a picture illustrating the SARS-Cov-2 virus. The picture is described in Arabic with the caption: "Corona virus makes us sick. Take it seriously. ”


Images of people wearing medical masks to limit the entry of new corona virus attract bicyclists. The painting was painted on a wall in Berlin, Germany.


Street painting in Dakar, Sénégala (West Africa), is depicting the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic with the message "Cover your mouth when sneezing to protect yourself and those around you".


Artist Rana al-Ramlawi is creating a sand sculpture in Gaza City, Palestine. The message "Stay Home" is aimed at calling people "Stay at home" during the epidemic.


On the roof of an apartment in Athens, Greece, a 16-year-old artist is performing a brilliant spray painting, the message "Stay at home" to combat the Covid-19 epidemic is highlighted.


In eastern Java, Indonesia, a police officer dressed in superhero costumes is giving masks to people.