Image Copyright Using on

Photos on are partly searched - synthesized from Internet sources (Google Image, Instagram, Facebook, ...). Copyright of these images belongs to the author of the photo.

Dear image authors,

Thank you for creating beautiful pictures in all regions of Vietnam and all over the world!

Due to the process of providing information - news - sharing on the website to everyone, uses images of many authors to help share content more vividly, practical and useful to all readers.
  • For Bestofwhere's copyrighted images, we look forward to sharing widely with readers everywhere.
  • For images of other authors, we would like to keep the image content intact and resize it to suit the layout.
Different photo sources are aggregated on a lot of that cannot send an email to each author of the photo to apply for permission to use, so please look forward to the authors (aunt/uncle/brother/sister/friend) sympathy and forgiveness!

If the authors (aunt/uncle/brother/sister/friend) has feedback on the copyright of the image such as:
  • Do not agree to allow using images on the website
  • Request a link cited, place the photo with the author's name
  • Other requirements for photo copyright, ...
Please contact Bestofwhere via "" mailbox. We respect your author's ownership and will comply with your request. Sincere thanks!

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