The luxurious summer on Phu Quoc pearl island

Phu Quoc is one of the most attractive destinations in the summer, with the pristine beauty of fine white sand, stretching under lush green coconut palms.

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Services in Phu Quoc develop very fast and rich. Guests have many choices from budget to luxury. Here are the suggestions.

Diversity of accommodation

Phu Quoc has a series of luxury and world-class resorts. One of the newest and most upscale options on the Pearl Island for visitors is the four-bedroom villa of InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach. The price of a night fluctuates according to the season but usually about 5,000 USD (over 100 million VND).

The plus point of this villa is quiet space with a modern design style, inspired by nature and the sea.
Living room, kitchen and bedroom are connected with a large area. Between the rooms is the green garden creating a sense of closeness to nature.

The bedrooms are also designed with transparent glass doors facing the sea, interiors in cream and turquoise tones. In the evening you can watch the sunset on Truong Beach right from the second floor balcony.

The four-bedroom villa also has an additional front pool. This private space is suitable for family or group outings. Outside the pool are rows of shady coconuts on the fine white sand, where you can lie down and read books on the couch.

The villa is located by the sea, so you can swim or play sport at the sand beach anytime of the day. The Truong beach is usually calm, famous for its blue water and soft seashore.
Guests staying at the villa are tailor-made to each guest of choice including breakfast, afternoon tea, evening cocktails, and light snacks.

Enjoy seafood

Phu Quoc seafood is famous for its fresh and delicious dishes such as herring, abalone, sea cucumber, Ham Ninh crab ... If you want to change the taste, Lava restaurant in Truong beach is an attractive choice. This is one of the most luxurious and new restaurants in Phu Quoc. Guests can choose the menu with seafood and imported meat prepared to the liking of the guests.
The dishes here are pre-marinated with local ingredients, baked on volcanic rock to keep the taste and sweetness toughness. The highlight of the restaurant's menu is beef ribs and Wagyu beef imported from Australia. Soft and fragrant beef dish is served with mushroom sauce and some typical spices such as seaweed salt, pepper salt, Himalayan pink salt, Tay Giang pepper, red chili, combined with a glass of One De Napa Valley or Imperial Reserva.

Some other suggestions in the upscale menu of the restaurant you should try are: Smoked duck breast; nails snail fried tamarind in brown clay pot; Alsaka crab, sturgeon caviar with mayo clam sauce; King fish with orange sauce, butter cream and sprouts ...

Each dish is consulted by the chef with the accompanying wine. Guests can choose their favorite flavors from over 300 types of wines, both local and international. End of the meal, guests and friends sip a few cocktails by the bar made from blue fossil corals.
You should call ahead to book a table and come to the restaurant from late afternoon, order a cocktail, watch the sunset on the windy outdoor courtyard. Afterward, you head inside and enjoy your personalized dinner. Dinner here costs 2-3 million VND, depending on the menu.


If Ham Ninh fishing village is the most beautiful sunrise spot in Phu Quoc, Truong beach is the most beautiful sunset spot on the pearl island. Here, you should not miss INK360, Phu Quoc's highest rooftop bar.

From around 5 pm, guests can visit the bar, order a cocktail and wait for the sunset on the sea. The summer sun was like a red glowing ball hovering above the floating green clouds. As the last rays of the day hit the sea surface, the horizon shone a corner, the whole sky gradually changed from red to light yellow to dark.
At night, this bar is also a stop for active young people. The entire bar space is designed like a giant octopus extending its tentacles to four sides. Outside space is very wide and airy, visitors can find a private corner to watch the island lighting up or gather with friends in the vibrant music party. The price of drinks here ranges from VND 300,000 to 500,000.

Explore deserted island

You should try feeling on a most luxurious yacht in Phu Quoc, catching the sunset. Each boat tour is about VND 7 - 8 million for 6 people.

Boat tours in Phu Quoc often take visitors to explore the three most beautiful islands here: Hon Tay (Robinson) is known as the Maldives of Vietnam; May Rut Trong and Dam Ngang (Gam Gì) islands - the most beautiful coral diving place in Phu Quoc.
In addition to scuba diving activities, camping on the beach and baking dish. Guests can also book private tours to explore the island or hunt fish with a guide.

Cruise tours usually start at 8 am. After exploring the deserted islands, yachts often anchor offshore to admire the sunset. When the sun was completely turned off at sea, it was also the time when people started fishing squid. Tourists can buy squid fishing tours at night with fishermen, fishing yourself and processing squid in place before the end of a long day at the pearl island.

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