White night in Amsterdam

Most tourists share the feeling that the Netherlands is the most friendly country in Europe when they have the opportunity to visit the land of windmills.

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Golden rays spread across every corner of the street as Amsterdam entered the summer days. The pots of tulips below the balcony seemed like nostalgia for a brilliant spring.

Coming to Hemintage Museum at 51 Amstel Street, visitors will admire the huge collection of jewelry made from gold and silver and precious stones. The museum is only open for exactly one month to celebrate the annual white night festival. Hemintage was built in 1682 to accommodate the disabled, lonely, and abandoned elderly people. In 2009, the Dutch government spent US $ 53 million to improve Hemintage to become a museum.
White night in Amsterdam
Bright tulips.
The decoration on the walls and ceilings will overwhelm visitors when stepping inside. The museum is a miniature image of the Winter Palace in the city of Saint Peterburg in Russia. The first is a collection of paintings depicting the relationship between Russia and the Netherlands. The second area is a place to display 2,200 artifacts that were lent Winter Palace in Russia for exhibition. They are beautiful works made from gold, silver, precious stones used to decorate the crown or clothes of the Russian tsars.

It was already past 8 pm, and the sunlight still spread through each alley. It is interesting to wander through the streets to see the architecture that follows each other in the timeline of Amsterdam, visit the Oude Kerk wooden church in Wallen and the Houten street in Begijnhof which is over 800 years old to see. Gothic architecture was first built in Amsterdam.
White night in Amsterdam
Wooden clogs, the beauty of Dutch culture.
Across the Prinsengracht canal, the Westerkerk Protestant church reflected silently down the canal. It is a historical witness when the Dutch made a breakthrough in construction architecture in the sixteenth century in the Renaissance school. Following "innovation" is "creativity" in life, the Dutch love the Baroque school.

This was considered the golden period in Dutch construction with many schools of Jacob van Campen, Philips Vingboons and Daniel Stalpaert in the seventeenth century. Like the liberal and open personality of the Dutch, the architecture of the French, semi-classical (Neo-gothic) or Nouveau, Deco, respectively, took into built the building. The architecture overlapping each other gives Amsterdam a very unique feature, which is a mixture of art architecture in construction.

Small boats along the canal have light up, creating a magical light on the river. A few canoes still surf under the interlaced bridges to take visitors to see Amsterdam on a white night. Referring to the Netherlands, people often think about high bikes on the streets, then put it in a careless way on the bridges without paying much attention to its existing.
White night in Amsterdam
Cheese and butter are Dutch specialties.
The small boats are the home of which the owner is very rich. Mr. Adelbert, the natives said that the Dutch are very loving and environmentally friendly. The rich are the ones who are ahead in protecting the environment. The boat is small but full of facilities to live inside, all small to limit emissions.

A few waves of someone's hands on canoes glided through the interlaced canal system in the street. On the street there is still laughter of those who like to roam the white night ...

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