10 tourist destinations attracting the most during summer in the US

10 tourist destinations attracting the most during summer in the US
The trend of US travel is still an option for international travelers, especially this summer, which is an ideal time to rest and enjoy a great vacation.

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If you have not yet chosen a place in the US to take a tour and explore, let's Bestofwhere.com point through the 10 most popular summer destinations in the US.

1. Richmond

The first stop on a summer trip to America is Richmond in Virginia, USA. In the summer, this is a popular tourist destination for those who love mountain climbing or mountain biking. In addition, the Jame River is surrounded by mountains with beautiful scenery which is an ideal place for swimming or fishing.

2. Chicago

Chicago city of Illinois state in the Midwest of the United States is a tourist destination not to be missed. Here, visitors are not only surprised by the development and modernity of the third-largest US city but also have the opportunity to visit many beautiful natural scenes. In particular, Michigan Lake is probably the most popular summer vacation destination in the US, especially in August every year, visitors have the opportunity to see the spectacular performances of jets on the lake and they are completely free.
San Antonio

3. San Antonio

Summer in the US, San Antonio, Texas is also one of the top choices for tourists. Here, visitors can take a walking tour along the San Antonio River, admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river, while participating in shopping, dining and visiting museums.
Salt Lake City

4. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City in Utah is probably a familiar destination in the summer for many American tourists. A journey along the beautiful natural landscape leads to the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere - Great Salt Lake is probably an unforgettable experience when it comes to summer in America.
San Juan

5. San Juan

Summer in the US is also the peak tourist season, one of the most crowded beaches to mention Isla Verde in San Juan. Guests can enjoy playing and immersing themselves in the cool, blue sea or sunbathing on the golden sand. In addition, San Juan is also a destination for exploring art galleries, delicious food at outdoor restaurants or participating in vibrant entertainment activities at the bar.

6. Milwaukee

If you are a travel enthusiast, Milwaukee is a must-visit destination in the summer in the US. This is the rendezvous of music festivals, most notably Summerfest with more than 1,000 performers in 11 days. Visitors can mingle with the hilarious atmosphere of vibrant melodies or drop soulful to melodious music.

7. Austin

The wonderful natural landscape and the Hamilton Pool natural pool in Austin (Texas) have created a magical element to attract tourists during the summer in the US. Here, visitors can visit the diverse natural paintings and immerse themselves in the cool water, fresh air.
New Orleans

8. New Orleans

New Orleans is not only famous as a place for visitors who are passionate about discovering the mysteries of "haunted" stories, but here is considered a paradise of food devotees. Every summer, New Orleans has many culinary festivals such as Tales of the Cocktail, Oyster Fest or Creole Tomato, visitors can delight in enjoying delicious food and drinks.
Pensacola Beach

9. Pensacola

Pensacola Beach, Florida is one of the top 10 beaches most visited by foreign visitors in the United States. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also famous for outdoor bars for visitors and unique performances right on the beach with a frequency of 4 times/week in the summer.

10. Houston

The last destination in the 10 most popular tourist destinations in the US summer is Houston. The landscape surrounding Houston city is dominated by forests, prairies, and marshes creating a peaceful picture next to the bustle of the city. And especially, every summer, visitors have the opportunity to see thousands of migrating bats fly through the region.

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