Longest zipline come to operation in Nha Trang

Vietnam’s newest zipline, that holds 3 national records, formally came into operation in Vinpearl Nha Trang on Junetwenty five.
(Source: vovo.vn)

The new zipline route is predicted to supply visitors with novel expertise and contribute to meeting the increasing demands of tourists for amusement activities while visiting the island.

With a complete length of 880 meters, the zipline has been formally recognized because of the nation’s longest one. Most notably, the length of the nada wire means that it overtakes many different well-known ziplines within the region like the Mega Zipline metropolis in Singapore and Dahilaya in the Philippines.

In addition to holding the symbol for the longest route, the zipline has been recognized as having the very best slope nationwide, with audacious guests having the ability to travel on the nada wire at a speed of 100km per hour.

Visitors also will be able to challenge themselves by endeavor the quickjump at a height of five.8 metres. This height represents a national record for the very best ground jump from a zipper wire.
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