Times Square - an attractive destination for travelers

New York is famous for many attractive destinations such as Times Square, bustling Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, Broadway's famous theater district, Empire state building, ... But the most prominent is Times Square.

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Times Square - a symbol of New York City

Times Square has been renamed after the New York Times newspaper since 1904, previously called Longacre Square, the main intersection in Manhattan. This is the center connecting Broadway Avenue and 7th Avenue. The square consists of blocks between the 6th and 9th Avenue, connecting West 39th Street and 52nd Manhattan Street.
Times square.
Times square.
Times Square is a symbol of New York City and it is famous all over the world. It is always lively and unique because of the illumination of most billboards, neon lights, LED advertising lights that make the Square a symbol of New York. The signs here are illuminated densely not less than the lights in Las Vegas. If you travel to the US and come here in the evening, you will definitely think you are lost in a bar or a dance hall.
Times Square is always illuminated by LED lights from billboards and signs.
Times Square is always illuminated by LED lights from billboards and signs.
Times Square is also seen as important proof in the history of America because it has been present for centuries. Every day, about 36,000 people walk through here, attracting more than 42 million international visitors everywhere to visit and explore every year.

Experiences on the Intersection of the world you will enjoy unforgettable moments by the prosperity, bustle, youthful, dynamic and rapid growth.

Interesting experiences at Times Square

When coming to Times Square, please reward yourself with the feeling of experiencing interesting things here such as:

- Sip a cup of coffee, a glass of water, eat a small piece of cake and watch the crowded people passing by. Not only that, you can explore here by watching and enjoying the guitar melody of a man in cowboy costume; watch old painters painting portrait on sidewalks, ...
You can walk or sit and sip coffee watching the square.
You can walk or sit and sip coffee while watching the square.
- Take a tour to explore the heart of Manhattan with extremely famous destinations such as the Museum of Modern Art, the  Madame Tussaud wax museum, the center of international photography, St. Saint Patrick's Church, Bryant Park or parliament building ....

- Enjoy special, attractive dishes from every country in the world at more than 100 stores on the square. For sweets enthusiasts, you will be able to enjoy this taste at major chocolate shops of M&M and Hershey. In addition to the fast-food shops or famous New York stores, large-sized Matzo meat soup or giant sandwiches are available.

- Enjoy the feeling of buying half-price tickets in the afternoon with performances at one of 40 theaters at the TIX outdoor ticket counter, Broadway theater area, which is next to Times Square

- Choose for yourself souvenir items that appear on souvenir shops in Times Square. You can buy high-end items until popular. You can also choose items like "I Heart NYC" T-shirts, New York Yankees hats, ...
Welcome the new year in the times square.
Welcome the new year in the square.
- You can also enjoy the feeling of welcoming the new year, immerse in the free outdoor music space with the enthusiastic and bustling atmosphere of thousands of people flocking to the square. Although this is the place to welcome the late Eve in the world.

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