Top 10 most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam 2019

If you have the opportunity, you should visit the top 10 most famous and beautiful destinations in Vietnam. Through these trips, you will recognize that Vietnam has reality paradise, and national culture and tradition harmonizing perfectly with nature. You should go through this list of 10 the most famous and must to go once a lifetime destination in Vietnam as having time.

1. Sa Pa

If it is possible to brief shortly about Sa Pa, it is just wonderful, mystery and pure. Sa Pa lies in the Northwest of Vietnam, within the mountainous province of Lao Cai. The land is blessed for the majestic and mysterious mountains and forests by the whole hills and mountains that are hidden in the dim white mist. Extremely cool, pure fresh air. If you come to Sa Pa during the season of blooming flowers, you must be surprised as if you are lost in paradise.
Quiet, humble but contains many challenges. It challenges us to discover are the highlights in Sapa. Here you also understand more of the culture of many highland people, extremely unique, cuisine can say very strange and very delicious.

2. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is the most famous place in Vietnam because it is recognized as a world cultural heritage because it is a strange visual artwork of nature, non-stop making visitors interesting but also confusing. Coming to Ha Long will help you feel the beautiful shaping works, the capacity of nature making thousands of other tranquil rock islands to become sculptures.

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3. Phong Nha- Ke Bang cave

Unesco has recognized Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park as a World Natural Heritage in 2003. Phong Nha cave is also proud to be a cave voted as the most beautiful cave by the Royal Society for 7 criteria: The cave has high and wide gate; best underwater stone flat, best underwater river; the most stellar and magnificent stalactite system; beautiful and deeply lake; long water.

It's a pity if you are a discoverer, but you don't come here. The natural scenery and more decent still are being studied by scientists because this cave contains many mysteries.

4. Da Nang-Hoi An

To the central region, Da Nang-Hoi An is the most visited destination. Da Nang has a rapid development speed, here you can relax in modern resorts, 5-star hotels in Da Nang's beautiful poetic coast.

Arriving in Danang, you cannot ignore the ancient town of Hoi An. It can be said that no matter how busy life is outside, how busy it is, how modernized it is, Hoi An ancient town still has a cavalier appearance, itself, the pace of life is slowing down. 
What do you know about Hue City? The land is gentled by the appearance of Ao dai, conical palm hat, and grace of Hue girls. Here people are sincere, the landscape is scenery. If you come to Hue, do not forget to visit Hue Citadel, where this historical place is important, Hue Citadel is the place where many kings lived, you will discover many interesting things here, especially Hue cuisine. Above all, those who like spicy food will love so much.
Referring to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne, people will immediately think of the image of a dreamlike, sunny and windy area, long blue beaches, beautiful white sand like a "beautiful poem" of nature, easily conquer anyone who has ever visited. What are you hesitating for but not to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam? Here there are also high-class resorts, suitable for your family on vacation.

7. Nha Trang

Next is also a super beautiful beach, blue sea, white sand. It is a beach with an extremely clean sanitation environment. Foreign tourists always choose Nha Trang as the top tourist destination. The hotel and restaurant are high-class, modern, you can consult to book a table quickly in the restaurant and hotel website. Not only that, but you can also visit more islands off the coast, interesting.

8. Da Lat

Da Lat dreamy city, if you come here, will surely utter because of its dreamy beauty. The white mist is fluttering, and the pine forest is cool. In Da Lat, there is no special traffic light, a slow, peaceful life. You only wish you could stay there longer. Fresh air, wind will be cold. Cuisine that especially fruit and vegetables are fresh and incredible.

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9. Ca Mau Cape 

Land of waves and waves, people are enthusiastic, sincere. You can explore floating markets, historic sites here. The last land of the country contains full of love. The most special is the western region cuisine "extremely delicious". The rural rustic dishes are wonderful specialties. Here you just feel happy and peaceful. If you have the opportunity to set foot in the last land of the country.

10. Phu Quoc Island

With its location near the extreme southern end of the country, Phu Quoc still carries in itself a wild beauty with a green beach, white sandy beaches and the cascades of casuarina whispered in the wind. As an ideal vacation destination because "breath", nature's "pure life" will help you heal the fatigue in life. Here you will rent apartments, experiencing interesting, comfortable days as your home.

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