10 fairy-liked places desirable in Latin America

America, especially in wonderful Latin America (Central and South America) is gifts for those who want a quiet vacation. In the rustic and pure lands, visitors come to not only to "hide themselves" but also to explore the land which is as forgotten among this earth.

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Quito, Ecuador

Many years ago, the only reason tourists came to Ecuador was the "Turtle Island" Galápagos. While the capital city - Quito with a rich culture, history and charm of local cuisine, there are still many things to experience. Located at the foot of Pichincha mount in the Andean range of higher than 2,740 meters, the city of 1.6 million people still retains the pleasant atmosphere of a strange village.
This is one of the best preserved historical sites in Latin America, a UNESCO world heritage site with 40 churches and 16 monasteries - one of which is the famous San Francisco monastery. It also has the oldest brewery in the entire southern hemisphere established in 1566.

Antigua, Guatemala

Located at the foot of three volcanoes, about an hour's drive from Guatemala International Airport, Antigua is the former colonial capital and once the center of the famous Maya kingdom. Colorful buildings and cobblestone streets attract wanderers seeking peaceful rest from all over the world.
Antigua symbolizes passionate Latin romance. The natural beauty and frankness of the people has even made some tourists charming with Spanish to integrate with the rich culture here.

Guanajuato, Mexico

With Grammable colonial architecture, luxurious hotels, impressive culinary culture and a year-round temperate climate, Guanajuato is a favorite place for locals and expats from over 60 countries. .
In particular, tourists to Guanajuato will have the opportunity to soak in the natural hot spring of the area. Also, this is the only destination, you can try Mexican local wine at wineries like Cuna de Tierra or La Santisima Trinidad.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires embraced the culture of Europe but still retained the typical South American style. Therefore, this city boasts the name "Paris of South America".

Certainly, no city in South America has the same international diversity as this place. European influence is present in everything from food, architecture to even the time of charming dinners.
Argentina has the most famous beef in the world; There are Sicilian bakeries with tomato sauce and thin cheese. If tourists to Argentina want to enjoy afternoon tea like the British, Argentine restaurants are also ready to serve because they themselves do it every day. In addition, like the Spaniards, the Argentinians tend to have dinner around 22pm and lively parties sometimes last until dawn.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

You wonder if you are still at the Earth when you go to Chile's Torres del Paine National Park. Because in fact, there is no place like that when here there is a road about 100 km across the primeval forest, circling the blue lakes suspended in the middle of the mountain, crossing the wooden bridge over river...You don't have to worry about accommodation because there are always cozy hostels to stay every night, or you can camp under the starry Southern Hemisphere sky.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you don't want to feel regretful about sleeping too much on a beach vacation, go to San Juan. 
You can walk on the sand and swim in the turquoise waters of Condado beach before heading to Circa Bar, a vibrant beach club with neon lights and the famous DJs .. The enthusiasm of the locals will guarantee you a long night of fun.

Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is like a miniature Barcelona with sunny beaches, pristine green water, smooth white sand and vibrant nightlife. This may be the reason why on weekends you will see beaches full of families from Bogota playing alongside foreign tourists.
After a day at the sea, you can stop at Café del Mar to sip a drink, admire the walls of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a 17th-century colonial fortress standing on the old city, colorful colonial buildings, churches, and eye-catching decorative dishes marinated in the sun of the sunset.

Buzios, Brazil

Although this place is an island located on the beautiful peninsula reaching the sea, in the 1960s, Buzios was still a simple poor fishing village. After that, the famous actress Brigitte Bardot appeared, making the whole world admire the change of Buzios.
Today, narrow streets are filled with shops, motels and modern seafood restaurants. But the town still has an unmistakable Brazilian flavor, especially on weekends when Samba dancers come from Rio to stir up bars and clubs in Rua das Pedras.

Arequipa, Peru

There are geological formations from white volcanic rock and more than 300 bright sunny days each year, Arequipa, Peru's second city has a splendid appearance. The entire historic center of Arequipa is a UNESCO world heritage site, with a baroque style church, the dark color Santa Catalina monastery and the eventful Plaza de Armas square. Decorating clearly and perfectly for all these is El Misti, one of the 3 volcanoes around the city.
The dishes at Arequipa include specialties like rocoto relleno and chupe de camarone, all of which are "washed" with local beer or Kola ice-cold water. For Peruvian tourists who want a picnic, Canyon Colca is a place not to be missed. At 3,270 meters high, it is nearly twice as tall as the Grand Canyon.

Granada, Nicaragua

What is Granada? It is the old world architecture, the volcano and the wine. When the first conquerors came to explore South America, this was the first place they built a city and it was named after a southern location of Spain - Granada.
This "replica" city is located on the shores of Nicaragua Lake. Here, you will see the exiled Irish speaking Spanish with an Aboriginal person next to the wanderers with long hair, and you will soon understand why Nicaragua is famous for its rum.

In Granada, there are buildings with centuries-old Baroque architecture. Many buildings have deteriorated over time, but one of those is Granada Cathedral or Iglesia de Xalteva, which has been restored to its original pristine appearance.

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