15 ideal winter destinations in Europe (Part 2)

Bled Lake, Edinburgh, Vatnajokull National Park, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, St Petersburg are the top 7 next places of the 15 ideal destinations in winter in Europe, promising to bring you truly great experiences.

Bled Lake, Slovenia

Bled Lake is famous for its peaceful, romantic, airy, quiet and milky atmosphere. Arriving at Bled Lake, visitors can experience interesting activities such as climbing the castle to see the spectacular panorama of the lake, riding a horse-drawn carriage, bathing in the town's geothermal spa and enjoying the fine kremna rezina cake - traditional Slovenian cream cake at a cafe by the lake.

If the lake is not frozen, you can paddle to the island in the middle of the lake. Climbing the 99 steps to the Marian pilgrimage church was built in the 15th century. There is a belief that if the groom takes the bride to all the steps of the church they will have a happy life.

Edinburgh, Scotland

With many majestic castles, cozy pubs and bustling Hogmanay celebrations, Edinburgh is the most popular winter destination in Europe. Visit the historic city of Edinburgh during the winter, admire the ice rink and the beautiful Edinburgh castle, enjoy warm whiskeys or walk the famous Royal Mile route.
In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in the festival of Hogmanay to welcome the exciting new year with bustling concerts and brilliant fireworks displays. Strolling through Princes Street, you will enjoy breathtaking acrobatics, impressive fire-swallowing performers and listening to the lively melodies of popular bands. The most suitable stop for the main Edinburgh tour is the Royal Mile Suites, a five-minute walk from the castle.

Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland

Iceland is the premier destination for winter adventures, of which the most prominent are ice caves in Vatnajökull National Park. Ice caves are formed every winter when the water freezes. You will be mesmerized when you see their green color. However, these tours always require guides because the cave may collapse at any time.
After a morning of walking on the glacier, stop at Hoffell Hot Tubs, where there are 5 swimming pools and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the spectacular Vatnajökull National Park.

Prague, Czech Republic

Ancient streets sparkle with light, snow-covered red roofs, bustling Christmas markets or rich cuisine are factors that attract visitors to Prague in the winter. Once enjoying the sweet taste of crackers, smooth waffles made right on the street will surely make you unforgettable.
Besides, visitors to Prague can also take a day trip to České Švýcarsko National Park, also known as Czech's Switzerland, watching the slopes and snow-covered hills or visiting Pravčická brána giant wooden stone bridge. At the end of the day, stay at the Hotel Schwaiger in Prague - a hotel with 1920s style décor.

Vienna capital, Austria

With royal palaces, charming Christmas markets and unique café culture, Vienna is a city that attracts many visitors in winter in Europe. This is also the place where the snowballs were invented in 1900. Arriving in Vienna, visitors will admire the sparkling lights of the city from the giant Ferris wheel, enjoying hot chocolate at one of the elegant coffee cafes, then visit the snow globe museum and choose to buy souvenirs.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is beautiful all year round but winter is the time to bring this city a strange attraction. What's more wonderful when in the freezing days, take a dip in the pool, hot spring with a temperature of about 38 degrees Celsius in Budapest. Alternatively, take a day to soak in the labyrinths of the swimming pools at Széchenyi Spa, which is beautifully decorated, where you'll find 21 mineral baths from 18 to over 40 degrees C.
During the day if it is too cold, you can visit the museum. When it's dark, go to Városligeti Tó (City Park Lake) to experience ice skating, gliding through the ice on the background of Vajdahunyad Castle. Next, walk the streets, admire thousands of sparkling Christmas lights, then warm up with a glass of pálinka - a strong Hungarian wine. After a discovering day, relax at Prestige Hotel, only 350 meters from the city’s suspension bridge.

St Petersburg, Russian Federation

In winter, white snow covered the St Petersburg's historic bridges and splendid palaces. Many times the temperature in the city may be below 0 degrees Celsius, making the landscape more fanciful. Visitors to St Pertersburg can visit St Isaac's Cathedral with the famous golden dome and the Hermitage Museum - which has a beautiful art collection, or ice skating at Victory Park or watching locals fishing on the Neva river. The perfect place to explore St Pertersburg is the Saint - Petersburg Hotel, where you will enjoy the panoramic view of the Neva River.
Winter to travel to Europe is the most ideal because this is a golden time for some cities to find the opportunity to "shine" and your journey becomes more perfect than ever, bringing to you interesting experiences in the cold winter months in Europe.

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