3 beautiful rock rapids in Vietnam are little known

Our country has many beautiful rock rapids to attract tourists to visit and widely known at home and abroad. But there are 3 rock rapids with wild, spectacular beauty, but rarely mentioned in the tourist roads.

Lo Dieu stone rapids
Not only the Hoang Hau beach or Quy Nhon beach, Binh Dinh also has rocky beaches, pristine beaches with pristine beauty, seductive as the "fairies" not yet awakened. Traveling in Binh Dinh, it only takes about 20 minutes to ride a motorbike from Bong Son bridge, following the road DT 639, a new inter-commune concrete road has been built to the sea, then passes the mountain pass along the rock slope spectacularly, you can come to the foot of the rock rapids of Lu Dieu beautiful and spectacular.
Lo Dieu rock rapids have wild beauty and charm.
Looking down from above, Lo Dieu beach is like a giant bow, its back is based on the mountain, the face looks out to the sea, in the middle is the field. Looking from afar, many rock block with a variety of shapes of rock rapids combining with the golden sand of Bang Bang beach to create a spectacular, pristine and poetic picture of water and rock. The highlight of the rapids is Hon Look, with the shape of a woman and her child looking forward to her husband in each seafaring season.
Rock rapids paired with golden sand at Bang Bang beach create a perfect rock picture.
After visiting, relaxing in the space with the pristine atmosphere of a place where few people set foot, do not forget to walk to Lang Ong, worship 5 whale fishbone sets that were buried, converted and taken back here by fishermen. In addition, you do not miss the chance to try out two famous dishes at the Lo Dieu rapids, which are fried termite with onion and fat (focused in July) and roasted crab with tamarind or cooked with noodles.

Rock rapids of Hon La island
Not necessarily a tourist destination but the island of Hon La in general and the rock rapids of the island is an ideal rendezvous of anglers who love fishing in rock rapids.
Rock rapids of Hon La island - Quang Binh.
Overall, Hon La rock rapids has strange beauty of the limestone blocks impacted by the waves forming different shapes. There are platforms that are on the surface of the water, there hidden platforms, and there are boulders like giant water monsters that are showing their scary teeth. Note that the water level in this rock rapids has a depth of about 5 to several tens of meters, in front is a hundred meter deep water creek separating the two islands, the water in the middle of this creek flows so strongly that it does not bathe in rapids.

Ban Than stone rapids
From Da Nang, to reach Ban Than, you go straight on National Highway 1A to Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam, at the milestone of 1020 turning to the sea about 10 km. A ferry with a rare sight will take you to Tam Hai island. Riding the motorbike for a while on the coconut road of the island commune, you will admire the Ban Than stone rapids 42m high, built close to the sea.
Rock rapids of Ban Than island.
Through ups and downs over time and under the impact of waves, the rocks of Ban Than differed between the two fields. Nom beach is the black rocks shaped giant beasts, such as whales, demon face fish, water monsters...Particularly, North Beach is a sea dog, sea turtle,... Around Ban Than stone rapids is a large coral reef that lasts more than 10 km, so you can watch, catch lobster and other snails.

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