7 destinations to convince the 'night owl' to come together to Singapore

Singapore, Asia's paradise of tourism, becomes more magnificent and vibrant when it comes to light with fun activities and entertainment, attracting a lot of people and international visitors.

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Gardens by the Bay: Located on the shores of Marina Bay, Garden by the Bay artificial botanical garden is a harmonious combination between modern buildings and nature. In it, the most prominent place, causing visitors to admire, is the giant garden Supertree with hundreds of herbaceous species, liana... When night falls, the park becomes the world of sound and glow light. Opening hours: 5 am to 2 am the next morning. Photo: Hippo Singapore Pass.

Club Street: Located in Chinatown, Club is one of the busy nightlife streets. Not just a paradise for food, it is also a world of bustling, crowded bars. Many people of different ages come here to have fun, soak up exciting music, enjoy drinks ... Photos: Must See Places.

Madd: Madd is one of Singapore's best outdoor markets, which sell and exchange all art products that seem "silly" but creative and break-style. Visitors coming here easily find beautiful crafts, exquisite hand-made jewelry or unique souvenirs ... You can also bring your own art products to the market. Opening hours: 17-23h on the first Sunday of the month. Photo: Red Dot Design Museum.

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56th floor, ION Orchard: If you want to find a place to admire the panoramic view of Singapore at night, ION Orchard building is an attractive suggestion. Standing on the 56th floor, with open space, open view, visitors can take in their eyes the magnificent, bustling and crowded city picture. If coming sooner, this is also an ideal location to watch the sunset, catch the rays of sunlight of the last remaining day. Opening hours: 10-20h. Photo: Kosublog.

Wonder Full water music: Every evening, Marina Bay Sands becomes crowded again when all the people and visitors gather here to enjoy the Wonder Full water music performance. Viewers will be immersed in the beautiful symphony of sound and light. The whole show is the story of Singapore's development. Showtimes: 20-21h from Sunday to Thursday and 21-22h on 6,7th. Photo: Tesyasblog.

Henderson Waves Bridge: As the name suggests, the Henderson Waves bridge simulates the undulating shape of a wave, winding and twisting along the length of 274 m. Night falls, from 19:00 to 2:00 am, the bridge becomes sparkling when lit by a led light system. Walking in the evening on the golden bridge, watching the starry night sky is a memorable experience for visitors. Photo: Flickr.

Esplanade Theater: Esplanade first impresses visitors by its strange architecture. The dome of the center is made up of more than 7,000 triangular aluminum sunshades, reminiscent of durian fruit. Therefore, the local people used this fruit as another name for the building. Here, visitors experience different types of art from classical to modern such as Shakespeare, dance, visual art exhibition ... Opening hours: 8am to 2am. Photo: Flickr.

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