8 reasons to travel Ninh Thuan

The beautiful coastal roads, unique Cham culture, wild landscapes, attractive cuisine ... are all that attracts you to Ninh Thuan.

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1. The most beautiful new coastal road in Vietnam is the first reason visitors should come and experience

The most beautiful new coastal road in Vietnam.
The coastal road makes it easy for tourists to find gentle, clean beaches, many mountain feet stretching out to the sea to create beautiful pools, bays, and dunes that are very suitable for the construction of the ecological tourist landscape. Driving with the wind on the road, approaching the tourist attractions such as Sung Trau Cape, Mui Dinh cape, Bai Thung beach, Truc Lam Vien Ngo Zen monastery... with long stretches of rock with many funny shapes. From this route, there are high-class resorts and resorts such as Amanoi to have the opportunity to meet famous stars and other options for tourists when coming to this land.

2. Learn the unique features of Cham culture

Being a province with the most populous Cham people in the country, with the most unique and attractive culture, with unique architectural works. Ninh Thuan has 2 out of 13 relics ranked in the whole country: Archaeological and art architectural monuments of Thap Hoa Lai Tower (Thuan Bac district, Ninh Thuan province) and architectural art monument of Po Klong Garai Tower (in Phan Rang - Thap Cham city, Ninh Thuan province).
unique features of Cham culture in ninh thuan
At the same time, visiting two traditional Cham craft villages are Bau Truc pottery and My Nghiep weaving, witnessing firsthand the artisans weaving brocades very elaborately and skillfully as well as how to create pottery pots by craft method very rustic "Moulding by hand, swing by butt" ...

3. Many ideal campsites

Camp in many ideal locations to experience the feeling of harmony with the vast sky and sea in Hang Rai, new beaches, Tanyoli ...
ideal campsites in ninh thuan

4. Ca Na Beach with many options

Along the coastal road to Ca Na, visiting the fishing village, Ca Na beach, the beautiful beach is relatively unspoiled with many strange-shaped stones and the opportunity for you to buy cheap and fresh seafood at the fishing port.
Visitors can also look to the small village, where the basket boat is also kept in a traditional making way, or learn about salt making jobs of salt farmers on the way to the city.
Ca Na Beach in ninh thuan

5. Visit famous vineyards

From the sunshine, the wind and the special soil of Ninh Thuan have created the mellow bunch, with the sweet taste that is filled with people's hearts. Here visitors have just visited, can choose the bunch of grapes, enjoy at the garden or bring back as gifts for relatives.
famous vineyards in ninh thuan

6. Experience at two National Parks

With a modest natural area, there are two national parks, especially Nui Chua, located close to the sea, the only and unique dry standard of Vietnam and Southeast Asia, with a typical forest ecosystem rarely seen in our country with many groups of organisms gathering very rich and diverse in quantity and species.
National Parks in ninh thuan

7. Try adventure games at Tanyoli

Tanyoli adventure sports resort is a new tourist destination, on a long and beautiful coastal road, located in Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province. Come here, soak up the world with the sea, with the sun, wind, sand and mountains, all wild and passionate. Visitors come and surf on the terrain vehicles on the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam, enjoy the feeling of being thrown with the wind and sand at Mui Dinh cape, with interesting experiences.
adventure games at Tanyoli

8. Enjoy delicious dishes

delicious dishes in ninh thuan
Arriving in Ninh Thuan, visitors can not ignore the specialties of the sea with all kinds of fish, shrimp, crabs, snails ... walking to the coastal town late at night, enjoying the delicious flavor of the sea is also a pleasure when travelling. The country dishes stand out with the grass duck, there are many places for you to choose, or the famous Phan Rang chicken rice near and far, in Phan Rang, there are countless folk cakes with boldness in the homeland taste like banh xeo cake, banh can cake. Specifically, the Can cake has been selected by Vietnam Record Organization into the Top 100 typical Vietnamese dishes.

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