9 strongest feeling adventures on the planet

Unlike the usual travel you still go, these are all potentially dangerous challenges. In return, these experiences give participants many unforgettable memories.

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1. Swiming with white sharks, Cape Town, South Africa: White sharks are the most dangerous predators in the ocean. Therefore, swimming with them may seem unreal. However, in Cape Town, South Africa, there is a service that provides guests swimming with white sharks. You will be taken to the water in a protective cage, swimming around are giant sharks.

2. Walking on active volcanoes in Iceland: Walking on active volcanoes is a really scary challenge. The ideal place to start this dangerous adventure is Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland. In 2010, this mountain erupted to make the whole Europe immersed in darkness. Making a walk with the bottom flowing lava stream is an unforgettable experience for anyone.

3. Walk through the Zimbabwe wilderness: Zimbabwe is famous for its wild natural areas and diverse fauna. You can take a hike here instead of sitting in a jeep to increase your closeness to animals and the environment. Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe is the ideal place to make the trip. This reserve is full of famous wild animals such as lions, rhinos, hippos, elephants, hyenas ...

4. Giant surfing, Tasmania, Australia: Big surfing is a dangerous subject, but if you like feeling strong it is the most interesting experience. Shipstern Beach in southeast Tasmania, Australia, is the location that provides the experience with a series of huge waves. If you're just an amateur surfer, stay away from this "Point of Devil" waters if you don't want to risk your life.

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5. Scuba dive in Great Blue Hole, Belize (Central America): For scuba enthusiasts, coming to explore the world's deepest Great Blue sinkhole is a dream of challenge. This wonder off the coast of Belize forms a deep blue circle in the ocean. Inside the sinkhole, there is a variety of ecology and many caves filled with stalactites. You can dive deep into these caves to explore and experience.

6. Mountain Bike, Tyrol, Austria: Tyrol is part of the Alps range in western Austria, which is famous for its natural landscape and many fascinating activities, including mountain biking. This activity is dangerous by a steep road, in return, you will admire the picturesque scenery on both sides of the road. Along with that, here is your chance to explore the many mysterious trails that covered with white snow year-round.

7. Rafting to cross the waterfall, Suarez river, Colombia: Rafting to cross the waterfall is a dangerous sport that requires skill, fitness and great coordination with teammates. The Suarez river in northern Colombia is famous for being the world's roughest river. This is the ideal place for rafters to cross the river with 5 wave levels and wild vegetational cover along the river.

8. Snowmobile, Lapland, Finland: Snowmobiling always bring a sense of excitement and thrill because this is a fascinating experience but potentially high danger. Snowmobiling in Lapland, Finland, gives you an interesting experience in the land known as "The Kingdom of Snow". Admiring the untouched natural beauty, the snow-covered forest, the lissome glacier ... will make you not want to leave.

9. Mountain climbing with naked-hands, California, USA: Naked-hand mountain climbing without using protective equipment and ropes is a daring sport that requires high skills because you will not have a chance to correct. California, USA, home to small mountain walls and artificial stone walls, is a good place to climb with bare hands. This is why sports lovers often choose California to practice and challenge themselves.

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