Admiring the beauty of Chau Truc lagoon

Chau Truc is a large lagoon of more than 1200 hectares in My Loi commune, Phu My district, Binh Dinh province. 

During the day, Chau Truc lagoon is a tranquil landscape, but in later of the day, its vital of life just be awakened. The one drop net, the other one fish, others put out the bait in his frame, another prepare lift net... the sound of the tapping of the board... made people feel that it was a concert of the peaceful from sunset to dawn.

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Let's admire the Chau Truc lagoon's beautiful scenes below.
Afternoon on Chau Truc lagoon.
A family is unraveling the net together.
Checking net.
Dropping net on Chau Truc lagoon.
Catching shrimp on Chau Truc lagoon.
Chau Truc lagoon is the largest freshwater lagoon in Vietnam.
The lyrical and rustic beauty of Chau Truc lagoon
The sunrise at Chau Truc lagoon. 
The sunset at Chau Truc lagoon. 
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