An Giang tourism - famous tourist destinations in An Giang

Famous tourist destinations in An Giang.
You are planning to travel to An Giang in the near future. So do you know any famous tourist attractions in An Giang? This article will share with you a list of popular tourist destinations in An Giang that are loved by many people.

An Giang is a province located in the southwestern corner of the country. In recent years, An Giang is gradually becoming a bright star in the tourism sky of Vietnam and becoming a destination not to be missed in the Western tours.
An Giang is an attractive tourist destination in Western tours.
An Giang tourism always attracts tourists with a beautiful natural landscape, an extremely rich and diverse flora with dense primeval forests or a diverse culinary culture with a multitude of specialties bearing the characteristics of Western food culture. There are many interesting and interesting destinations waiting for you to discover when traveling to An Giang. And if you are planning to explore An Giang, don't miss the famous tourist sites in An Giang below.

Famous tourist destinations in An Giang that you should not ignore

Ba Chua Xu Temple

When it comes to popular tourist destinations in An Giang, people will probably think of the Ba Chua Xu temple first. This is a famous spiritual tourism area in An Giang as well as the western provinces. This temple has a history of hundreds of years and is considered an extremely sacred shrine. The hidden behind this temple is the very interesting legends and stories that people have passed on for hundreds of years. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists come to visit this temple. The period of January and April of the lunar calendar every year is the time when the Ba Chua Xu Temple is the most crowded.
Ba Chua Xu Temple is a famous spiritual tourism destination in An Giang.
Sam Mountain tourist area
One of the famous tourist destinations in An Giang that anyone who comes to this land cannot ignore it is Sam mountain tourist area. This is a mountain of about 284m above sea level, located in Chau Doc district of An Giang province. On top of this mountain, there is still a large and flat stone platform, covered by a layer of green moss. Legend has it that in the past this stone was once the place where the Lady of the Land had lived before she was taken to the temple. On the way to the top of Sam Mountain, you will have the opportunity to visit many ancient and sacred temples such as Tay An Pagoda, Phuoc Dien Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb.
Sam Mountain tourist area with many ancient temples and pagodas.
Lam Vien - Cam Mountain
This is also considered one of the famous tourist destinations in An Giang not to be missed. Many people still refer to Lam Vien - Cam Mountain as a miniature city of Dalat in the West. The atmosphere here is always cool, comfortable and pleasant all year round. The natural landscape is beautiful.
Lam Vien - Cam Mountain tourist area.
Cam Mountain is the highest mountain here and is about 700m above sea level. Being trekking and conquering this mountain is indeed an amazing experience that you should try. At this mountain you will also discover many ancient temples, pagodas. It is Van Thinh pagoda with a giant Buddha statue, or Thuy Liem lake - where many Buddhists come to emit or Big Buddha temple with a 3-meter high Buddha statue. 

Tri Ton mountain district
Traveling to An Giang without discovering Tri Ton district is an extremely unfortunate thing. This is a district in the high mountains, with a border with Cambodia and about 50km from Long Xuyen city center. This place is considered as the home of the palm trees. Arriving at the district, the first image that caught your eye is the jaggery trees lying close to each other to form an extremely unique heart shape, making any guest feel impressed. If you are a virtual living person, then Tri Ton district will surely be a great destination for you.

Tri Ton mountain district has extremely beautiful scenery.
Ba Chuc tomb area in Tri Ton district
A quite famous relic area in Tri Ton district that you should visit is the Ba Chuc tomb area. This is the place where took place the brutal massacre of the Khmer Rouge regime against our Vietnamese people. There were about 3,000 people killed in this massacre. To commemorate those who died in that massacre, people built Ba Chuc tomb. This work currently contains more than 1000 skulls of people including 30 skulls of newborn babies. Although it may sound terrible, there are many tourists visiting this grave area every year. 
Ba Chuc tomb area in Tri Ton district.

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