Discovering "desert in Vietnam"

As a desert in Vietnam, Bau Trang sand hill (Mui Ne, Binh Thuan) is a unique tourist destination with an immense space of sand. If you're someone who likes to move, this destination is an interesting option this summer.
Running barefoot on the sandy hills of Bau Trang is an unforgettable feeling.

Amidst the blazing sunshine, the sand hill stretched out with a glimmering look.
Occasionally caught locals walking on the hot sand hill is also an equally attractive and attractive moment.
After wandering around the sand dune for sightseeing, you can sightsee in the lotus lake that is in full bloom next to it.
Bau Trang sand hill has long been a destination not to be missed in the journey to Binh Thuan by many tourists.
The scene is like a spectacular painting.
Sand dunes provide an endless source of sand, while Bau Trang brings fresh, cool water.
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