Experience for Ham Rong mountain tourism - an attractive destination in Sapa

Experience of Ham Rong mountain tourism.
If you have to choose places that can not fail to travel to Sapa, perhaps Ham Rong Mountain deserves to be on this list. This article will share with you the most essential travel experiences of Ham Rong Mountain.

Lao Cai has long been an ideal destination when someone wants to travel to the North East of Vietnam. Many people also said that Lao Cai was like a charm. And this is not wrong because anyone who comes to Lao Cai tourism will be fascinated by the beauty of this land.
Sapa has many famous tourist sites.
Speaking of Lao Cai, surely one of us will immediately think of traveling to Sapa. Sapa has always been voted as one of the best tourist destinations in Vietnam. Sapa trip will definitely bring you great experiences. However, it will be extremely unfortunate for someone to travel to Sapa but ignore a place that is Ham Rong mountain. There are many interesting things waiting for us to explore at Ham Rong Mountain. Don't forget to read the experiences of Ham Rong mountain tourism shared below.

Brief introduction of Ham Rong mountain
Ham Rong mountain is a beautiful mountain, belonging to the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, located about 3km from Sapa town center. This mountain is also considered one of the most famous mountains in Sapa. The name Ham Rong is set to describe the shape of the mountain. In addition, this name also refers to an extremely mysterious legend that has been handed down for generations on this mountain.
Ham Rong Mountain has a spectacular scenery.
Ham Rong mountain resort was built in 1966 on a land of 150ha, located at an altitude of 2000m above sea level. That is the reason that when standing from Ham Rong mountain, you can see the panoramic view of the extremely beautiful Sapa town from above.

The experience of Ham Rong mountain tourism that you should know

Should you travel Ham Rong Mountain at any time of the year?

Due to being located at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, Ham Rong Mountain is always mild and pleasant all year round. In general, you can go to Ham Rong Mountain at any time of the year, whether winter or summer. In each different season, this mountain has different beauties for us to explore. However, according to the experience of Ham Rong mountain tourism shared by many people, you should not come here from July to August every year. This is a time when there is often heavy rain, slippery road is very dangerous.
You can explore Ham Rong Mountain at any time of the year.
How to move to Ham Rong mountain
According to Ham Rong mountain tourism experience, to get the best experience, you should move to Ham Rong mountain by walking. The road from Sapa town to Ham Rong mountain is very beautiful, with many ideal check-in points. When you go remembering to bring yourself a small bottle of water. 
Walking on Ham Rong mountain is an extremely interesting experience.
If you do not want to walk, you can rent a motorbike or take a motorbike to go to Ham Rong mountain. Ham Rong mountain resort is located right next to Sapa stone church so it is easy to identify. 

Fares to visit Ham Rong mountain

Usually, the ticket price is VND 70,000 / adult ticket and VND 20,000 / 1 child ticket. However, on peak days such as holidays, weekends, the fare may be higher depending on management regulations. If you have any questions about ticket prices or routes, you can ask right from the ticket sales staff here.

Places should not be overlooked when visiting Ham Rong mountain

Orchid garden, peach garden

The road to Ham Rong mountain is really beautiful. The higher you go, the more beautiful scenes you will encounter. First, there are colorful orchid gardens with many rare and precious orchids showing off like welcoming guests. When you go furthermore, you will see the peach garden with beautiful ancient peach roots. The spotlight is that the plum flowers make the scene here look like a poetic and romantic painting.
Orchid garden with many rare orchids.
Thach Lam stone garden
Thach Lam stone garden is a place that many people check-in when traveling to Ham Rong mountain. This is actually a stone forest with hundreds of huge stone columns with extremely unique and majestic shapes. The stone pillars are arranged in a natural way to create a magnificent scenery. You will definitely feel extremely impressed by the spectacular scenery of the Thach Lam stone garden.
Thach Lam stone garden.
Sapa Telecommunication Station
This telecommunication station is located at an altitude of about 2000m above sea level. Not only is a normal telecommunications station but this telecommunication station is also an extremely famous sightseeing spot in Sapa. Visitors can climb to the top floor of this telecom station and take a look at the magnificent, dreaming mountains here.

San May (Cloudy ground)
San May is an extremely special place at Ham Rong Mountain. Right from its name, you can feel the fancifulness of this place. It is covered all year round by floating clouds. Standing at the Cloudy Yard, you will feel like you are lost in a fairyland. Don't forget to photograph for yourself the beautiful shoots here.
San May with extremely magical scenery.
Enjoy specialties along the way

The road to Ham Rong peak requires you to climb a lot. And definitely climbing a lot will feel very tired and hungry. At times like that, you don't have to worry because along the way to the top of the mountain there are many restaurants selling food so you can recharge. There are many specialty grilled dishes of the Northwestern mountains waiting for you to enjoy.
Along the way to the mountain there are many delicious and attractive dishes.

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