Going to Sapa to discover Cat Cat village - the most beautiful ancient village in the northwestern forest

Sa pa Cloud Paradise - the pride of the Northwestern mountainous region is no strange to domestic and foreign tourists. Amidst the natural scenery of the majestic mountains and forests, there is a small rustic village that makes anyone who comes to Sapa definitely have to visit. That is the charming Cat Cat village with simple wooden houses, murmur small streams, colorful brocades, and simple ethnic people.

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Sapa mountain forest nature.
How to Cat Cat Sapa village?
Cat Cat village in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, from Sapa town center to the gate of the village is only about 2km away. You can choose to walk for both sightsee mountain scenes and admire the whole village from above.
Cat Cat village.
A few experiences go to Cat Cat for you
On the way back, from the last stop of Cat Cat village to the town was more than 3km. After the process of exploring the village with a long distance, the 3km road to return will make you quite tired so if you are not good health, you should ride a motorbike and send the car at the gate of the village (not permitted to ride a motorbike in the village).
Ticket prices for motorbikes are 10k
Tickets to Cat Cat village are 50k / person.
Price for ethnic clothes is 50k / person
Colorful ethnic clothes.
In front of the village, there are many shops selling ethnic clothes, you can shop for yourself. In addition, there are many other accessories that you can rent more like umbrellas of ethnic people, ...Another small note is when buying tickets, there are many maps at the ticket counter. You can get it for free and that map is very useful. It shows all the famous attractions in Cat Cat village and directions - very useful.
Ethnic children in Sapa.
You should be prepared in a little bag of candy because on the way to visit the village, there are many ethnic children who will follow you. Those kids sell crafts and invite you to buy things if you don't want to buy them give them candy they won't follow you.

What is the attraction of Cat Cat?
Craft villages in Cat Cat village.
Cat Cat tourist area has a lot of interesting and attracting things for you to explore. From small roads, tiny houses, craft villages, waterfalls, Gem Valley, Cat Cat village,.

Path to Cat Cat village
On the journey to discover Cat Cat village, there are 2 roads that will surely leave you with the most impressive. It is the road to Cat Cat village and the terraced road from the gate of Cat Cat village leads the entrance inside the village.
The winding road leads to Cat Cat village.
On the distance of nearly 2 km leading to the village, you will not be impatient, but instead, you will be mesmerized by the landscape of the earth around it. On the one side are the innumerable high mountain ranges, one side is the Sapa valley appearing with immense terraced fields.
Cafe at the entrance to Cat Cat village.
On this road, you will be able to go through the most beautiful Sapa cafe in town. This road is quite steep and at a higher altitude than Cat Cat village, so you will be able to see the whole village from above with the closely intertwined houses mixed with grass and flowers.

The paved-stone terrace road 
Image of a paved-stone road leading to the village.
Stepping through the gate leading to Cat Cat, you will be surprised by the terrace road with only two rows of people going and paved with polished stone. The road is quite steep between two rows of houses creating a beautiful setting.
Singer Ho Ngoc Ha also chose Cat Cat for Sa Pa tour.
Along the sides of the road are stalls with all kinds of crafts such as ethnic jewelry, brocade, Sapa specialties, ... making visitors unable to stop but stop for a few, buy a few items for themselves and their loved ones as gifts.

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Rustic ethnic houses
The picture of simple houses mixed with terraced fields.
These houses were formed from the years of the 19th century, Cat Cat village of H'mong people. As the Hmong families live on the middle of the mountain, next to the hillsides of livestock farming to live.
Styled virtual living image frames for girls.
Three-space houses are made of wood or called "walled houses", perhaps you've seen it in Vietnamese films set in the Northwest. The inner space of the houses is extremely simple, the kitchen is right next to the reception, the dining area, there is only one more or two separate bedrooms.
Uniqueness from the wooden houses.
On the stone terrace road, you will admire the most clearly these houses. Although small and simple, it is very beautiful with a few flower pots, plant pots placed on the roof, sometimes a wooden swing in front of the house for children to play.
One of the prominent check-in locations in Cat Cat village.
Cat Cat village center
Giant watermills in Cat Cat.
It can be said that the center of the village is the most outstanding stop in the journey to discover Cat Cat village. Crossing the paved-stone steep stone, a beautiful setting will open before you, but be careful because this road is quite slippery.
The dreamy beautiful of the Hoa stream.
It is a white waterfall running fastly with a murmuring sound. There are lots of interesting things here for you to explore. The giant water mill, the tottery bamboo bridge on the rolling waterfall, the wooden swing, the rustic cottages, ... makes you not want to leave.
Bac waterfall.
Going a few dozen steps more, you will come across a vertical waterfall that is flowing of white water straight from the top down. This Bac waterfall (Silver waterfall) was found by the French and named Cat Cat waterfall.
Pristine nature near the silver waterfall.
In the middle of an immense untouched mountain forest, listening to the sound of water flowing through the rocks, ... a peaceful sky makes your soul feel so light.
The beautiful scenery of Gem Valley.
Reward yourself for moments of comfortable rest after the chaos of the work, give yourself a trip to Sapa to soak up the nature of the mountains. Don't forget to visit Cat Cat Sapa village to discover the traditional culture of Mong people.

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