Ha Long - the must-visit point of Vietnamese tourism

Since having the most entertaining eco-tourism complex in Vietnam, Ha Long is no different from an "Asian Miami" that holds many tourists.
Rapidly developing in the early 20th century, tourism is a spearhead industry of the beautiful coastal city of Miami on the East Coast of the US. Since having the most entertaining eco-resort complex in Vietnam, Ha Long - the northeastern city of Vietnam - has brightened up, continues to hold on to the numerous tourists, like an "Asian Miami".
The $150 million yacht of billionaire Joe Lewis docked at the Ha Long international port .
Vietnam's top destination
Nearly 30 years after Ha Long Bay's natural heritage "went global", a world-famous billionaire chose this place for a long-term stay. In mid-May, when his $ 150 million yacht arrived at the Ha Long international port, Joe Lewis - the Tottenham club owner - had to say: "I have ever not seen anywhere there is such a beautiful landscape"; and his niece accompanied him, she could not help but enjoy the unique architecture of the seaport. This modern passenger ship port is just a highlight in the entertainment ecosystem - attractive resort at Bai Chay.

The clean bathing beach is spacious, bending itself on the side of the beautiful sea roads, highlighting with the Ha Long walking street, Sun World Halong Complex entertainment complex, supplemented with 5-star resort Sun Premier Village Halong Bay ... has made Ha Long become "Miami of Asia" with the most beautiful and vivid coastline on the planet.

While in many coastal cities in Vietnam, a year is divided between two seasons and tourism is only active in the summer, then in Ha Long, the tourist life is busy with 4 seasons. Besides "awakening" the attractiveness of natural resources or more than 600 historical and cultural relics; Quang Ninh is constantly creative in the way of attracting tourists with a series of events, festivals or creating more unique architectural landscapes. Only in the national tourism year 2018, the province organized 54 unique cultural and sports events.

Halong attracts tourists with a series of exciting festivals all year round.
In 2019, outstanding festival events continue to contribute to the attraction of this dynamic city. As a result, in 5 months of 2019, Quang Ninh welcomed more than 7.5 million tourists, an increase of 14% over the same period. In particular, international visitors reached over 2.4 million turns; Total revenue from tourists reached nearly VND 14 trillion, an increase of 25% over the same period. This is an impressive number in correlation with the whole country receiving nearly 7.3 million international visitors at the same time. This also means that more than one third of international visitors to Vietnam has arrived in Quang Ninh.

To the extent that, in the recent report on ASEAN tourism industry, experts from Maybank KingEng investment bank have identified Quang Ninh as one of the three most attractive destinations of Vietnam. Report "ASEAN Tourism: The sky is wide" assesses, the number of international visitors to Quang Ninh only grew by 1 digit by 2016, but has achieved double-digit growth since 2017 and ended 2018 becoming the third largest international tourist market in the country, only after Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Chance from special accents
In the ceaseless creative flow to create attraction for "Miami Asia", the breakthrough of Ha Long tourism also includes the commercial streets with unique and diverse architecture on the road of Ha Long. Foreign visitors encounter familiarity on a natural wonder of the world, while domestic tourists admire the European architecture of Sun Plaza Grand World with impressive Shophouse Europe zone.
Shophouse Europe saturated European breath in every detail.
Here, the Élyseé sub-area - inspired by Champs Élysées boulevard has just launched two new blocks, located at a prime location next to the inner square, with a large road running through, a worthy highlight to pay right away. Contributing to modern architecture is the small landscape of fountains, stone statues with bold Western features. Not only is the opportunity for entertainment or relaxation, investors are also sensitive to business opportunities here, when owning the shophouse houses are supported at 0% interest rate for 24 months and are committed to buying 130% of the price after 8 years. Along with the continuous growth of domestic and international passenger lines, the heat and the increasing tourism boom of Ha Long, the consideration of investment opportunities in the Élyseé area is a long-term option.

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