Have you visited these places in Yen Bai?

It is no wonder that Yen Bai is one of the most sought-after tourist areas on the S-shaped land. But behind the great tourism in Yen Bai, few people know where this attraction comes from in this land. Let's learn about the interesting points of this rich land of economy, culture and human tourism of Yen Bai.

Tu Le Commune
To Tu Le in the ripe rice seasons, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the golden mountain waves flowing in the beautiful Van Chan valley. The terraced fields like a mountain girl in the most beautiful full moon age make anyone feel ecstatic. In addition to terraced rice fields, Tu Le's cultural identity attracts many tourists, especially tourists who are passionate about photography with the image of a woman in extremely lively fairy bathing custom.

Muong Lo field
Located more than 80km from Yen Bai city center to the west, around September to Muong Lo field, visitors will always be immersed with vast rice fields. The Nam Thia stream runs cross with soft curving lines like hugging a field. In the golden color of ripe rice, surely no tourists are awake before the beauty of Muong Lo. In the afternoons when the color of blue smoke began to arise out from the houses. The peaceful space overlaps with a memory color that tourists who have come to visit also find small in front of heaven and earth, and landscape here.

Lim Mong village
It is one of the most beautiful terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai, every time the colors of autumn come, the village of Lim Mong dyed with sparkling gold. Is it a bias of nature for this land when it is named as one of the 4 places with the most spectacular pass in Vietnam? The obstacle, majesty of the landscape, heaven and earth made Lim Mong become attractive and desire to conquer with tourists who like to move, like to explore ... more than ever. And Lim Mong as a daughter of spring, in the most beautiful age, from terraced fields to peaceful villages.

Hoc Village
Located next to the poetic Nhi stream, Hoc Village is one of the most sought after destinations for tourists visiting Yen Bai. It is favored by nature for a poetic landscape, with abundant source of hot mineral springs. Besides, the attraction of Hoc village is also due to the special culture of life and indigenous people. In a poetic space with the echoing sound of each song, the flute, the dance of the Thai ethnic girl smooth, timid, shy make anyone ecstatic.

Thac Ba Lake
As one of the three largest artificial lakes in Vietnam, Thac Ba lake is located in the Thac Ba hydropower area. It is also referred to as Ha Long on the inner land of Yen Bai province with small mountains undulating green of trees amid the vast lake. Sailing on the lake enjoy the peaceful space, inhale the fresh air, experience the service, here you will find extremely interesting. In addition to possessing the beautiful landscape, Thac Ba lake has many historical meanings and is recognized as a national historical relic of 1996.

Suoi Giang village
Nestled between the highest Phan Xi Phang mountain range in Indochina, Suoi Giang village is like a beautiful and proud sapa of Yen Bai province. Located at an altitude of nearly 1400m, this place possesses a cool, fresh atmosphere next to the rugged H'ong village. In addition to the landscape and the special climate, Suoi Giang is also famous for the delicious and ancient Shan tea which is famous all over the near and far. Sip the warm cup of tea to look far away in Suoi Giang in the early days to watch the terraced rice fields hidden in the mist very beautiful.

Che Tao Commune
Being one of the favorite health challenges of dust tourism with 35km of quite hard road, Che Tao is a highland commune of Mu Cang Chai bordering Muong La. It has rugged terrain, difficult to move, but in return the original beauty of the mountains and forests in this highland area is quite intact, making any tourists love it.

Chop Du Lake
Being a relatively new place, Chop Du Lake has a charming landscape that is worth visiting and playing in this place. What's more amazing when standing between the vast space of the country, the mountains and forests without taking advantage of peace, inhaling the cool and fresh atmosphere here.

La Pan Tan Commune
It is considered as a creative work of art of Mong people living here. Terraced rice fields are like the fabled fingerprints or in the ripe and cloudy seasons. Besides, this place also owns raspberry tea hill which is the most beautiful example of the North West region.

Pu Nhu Waterfall
Like a white silk scarf on the green area of the mountains, Pu Nhu waterfall originates from small streams flowing from the source of Than Uyen. Coming here, sunny days, visitors will have a chance to look at Pu Nhu waterfall stream, pouring down in white. Fortunately, you will see the rainbow lying across the stream adding to the green of the mountain forest a beautiful poetic touch.
Amidst the vast natural and heavenly nature of the Northwest mountainous region, when it comes to carrying full of difficult but return worthy results. From natural beauty, creating nature for Yen Bai many extremely attractive destinations. Through the destinations in Yen Bai mentioned above, it can wake up the dream of traveling to the border region of you. 
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