Hue tourism fascinating with the Sesame candy - a bold taste of the ancient capital

Hue tourism attracts tourists from everywhere not only on the quiet and gentle beauty here but also for the rustic dishes, imbued with the love of the countryside. Especially, it is impossible to ignore the Sesame candy, only one piece of sesame is enough to make us remember the ancient capital.

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Sesame candy - the unmistakable candy taste in Hue. Just mentioning Hue, people can easily relate to this dish. Not extravagant, just simple, simple, but go into people's hearts for many years.
Sesame specialties of Hue.
The aroma of sesame, the fatty taste of peanuts mixed with the sweet taste of sugar, malt, taking a bite of a sip of tea gently to feel Hue essence, long ago such enjoyment went into Hue people's lives. A craftsman who made sesame for a long time in Hue said that the reason for the name Me Xung (Sesame Candy) is because they are made from sesame, they were put in the jar previously, so people called it sesame candy.
The delicious and fatty taste of sesame candy makes many people love it.
Currently, in Hue city there are about 20 production facilities, providing about 100,000 tons per year for the domestic market, many establishments have traditionally worked for hundreds of years. The main ingredients for making a delicious sesame candy piece include rice flour, sugar, peanuts, sesame, malt, vanilla, which are carefully selected by the factories. First, people cook sugar with a mixture of rice flour and water. Stirring well until the dough is sticky, switching to clear color, adding sugar and cooking again. After that, it is added the malt, waited until the mixture is cooked and then pouring roasted peanuts into the pan and stirring. At this time, people spread a layer of golden roasted sesame, then pour the candy out and roll it. This final product will be cut into small pieces just for easy to eat by knife or scissors.
Sesame candy processing is very meticulous.
Today, the way of making sesame has been supported by machines and equipment, helping to shorten the working time and increase productivity. Particularly, the thin lamination phase on the sesame-covered bamboo frame is still done by hand so that the sesame candies are stretched evenly and not sticky. To have a piece of soft, supple, non-burnt candy, of eating sweet and deep, it is all an art. High quality sesame candy is cooked to the point of clarity, use expiry up to 3 months but not broken, very suitable to buy as a gift for friends and relatives after the trip to Hue.
Sesame candy is suitable for making gifts.
There are many types of sesame candy, such as soft sesame candy, black sesame candy, and mirror sesame candy. Sesame candy is so flexible that we can break, roll, pull it very easily. The mirror sesame candy is as thin as a piece of rice paper, which can see through the cake because it is transparent. As for black sesame, it is processed entirely from black sesame and is very sweet and nutritious. We should know to distinguish and buy as a reasonable gift. 

People of Hue often enjoy sesame candy with hot tea, while eating and drinking in each dip, such so peaceful life goes through. This is a very interesting beauty in Hue culture, and only in Hue can we feel it fully. With this delicate and gentle beauty that Hue can conquer so many people.
Remember to try once when you come to Hue.
Speaking of Hue, the first thing people think about is the gathering place of the quintessence of culture, tradition and cuisine of Hue. Remembering Hue, try eating sesame candy to enjoy its special taste and feel a very special Hue!
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