Indulging in the beaches hidden within Ninh Thuan 'sub-desert'

In addition to sun, sand and wind, Ninh Thuan also owns many beaches with wild beauty such as Ninh Chu, Mui Dinh and Vinh Hy ... attracting tourists to explore.

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Binh Son is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. It attracts tourists because of its gentle, harmonious beauty. In this place, every part of life seems to stop, giving way to the calm beauty like a slow-motion film. If you are a lover of wild beauty and simplicity, you should come here once to feel the song of sunshine, wind and ocean.
From Phan Rang city, driving for nearly 10 minutes to the east, visitors will see the immense green, blending between the sea and the sky. You can go to Binh Son at any time of the year, drop yourself under the poplar trees to watch the sunset or join interesting games like surfing, parachuting, fishing, yachts ...
Mui Dinh is located in Phuoc Dinh commune (Thuan Nam, Ninh Thuan), 45 km from Phan Rang city. Coming to this land, you will admire the wild and idyllic natural scenery with big rocky mountains, white sandy beaches, beautiful blue sea.
The scene here is more majestic when owning giant stones stacked each other with strange shapes. If traveling in a group, you can bring a tent, camp overnight, watch stars, organize a barbecue ...Watching the sunrise or the sunset in Mui Dinh is also an experience travelers should not miss.
Vinh Hy Bay is located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province, in the middle of a wild forest, in front of a vast blue ocean. It is about 40 km northeast of Phan Rang city. With blue water color and long sandy beach, this place is an ideal place to relieve the heat of hot summer day.
In addition to visiting and taking photos, you can experience other interesting activities such as diving and watching coral reefs, floating on the sea, walking on the soft sandy beach and enjoying fresh seafood.
As to compensate for the sunny and windy central region of the country, nature has given Ninh Thuan beautiful natural scenes full of enchantment. Located in the south of Vinh Hy bay, Hang Rai is nestled on the mountain of God, face to the sea, featuring a beautiful natural scenery of earthly paradise.
Early morning and late afternoon is the time when Hang Ro Cave dyes the most colorful and romantic. In the middle of a quiet, untouched space, with only the sea breeze and the sound of the whispering waves, you will feel your soul being relieved of all the stresses and sorrows to blend into the peaceful nature picture.
Binh Tien is likened to a hidden gem among pine forests and limestone mountains on the sea. The sea water here is pearl green, clear, shining in the sun.

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