Nearly 100 domestic and foreign artists stir up Hanoi's pedestrian street

On the morning of July 14, nearly 100 domestic and foreign artists participated in Hanoi street carnival at the walking street of Sword Lake.

Video - Nearly 100 domestic and foreign artists join Hanoi carnival.
Hanoi Street Carnival is an event organized by Sun World - Vietnam's biggest entertainment brand of Sun Group, on the 20th anniversary of Hanoi's recognition of the "City for Peace".
From 9 am, the central street of Hanoi has become more jubilant and bustling than ever because of the drum, music, laughter, and applause from the parade and the audience. The weather is cool and fresh, pulling thousands of people from every corner to the pedestrian street.
The carnival of nearly 100 artists in colorful costumes marched nearly 2 km around Sword Lake, bringing special and unique performances unprecedented in Hanoi streets such as fire dancing, drum dance, circus ... creating an exciting atmosphere like a true European and American festival.
Leading the group are Vietnamese and international female dancers in the figure of brilliant sunflower flower, spreading positive energy. The female dancers showed off their youthful, radiant and vibrant beauty with bright yellow shirts.
If the foreign girls attract all the eyes thanks to the strange Western beauty, both sweet and charming, then the Vietnamese roses are fresh, lovely and show a youthful figure in sexy costumes.
No less than the girls, the dazzling appearance male dancers "burn the eyes" of the audience with hot, random dance moves.
Visitors also cannot ignore the Malambo drum team, with displays of strength and virtuosity. In addition to the strong and powerful sounds, the boys win the heart of the viewer thanks to their generous temperament, masculine beauty, and Latin essence. Many spectators were excited to realize that they were the dancers at Vu Hoi Sunshine - the big show was going on at Sun World Ba Na Hills.
Foreign artists also transformed into many different characters with all expressive nuances, when they were happy and lovely; when soaring, romantic. The "passion" moments in the pedestrian street brought a vibrant atmosphere for thousands of viewers.
Ms. Minh Hanh (Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) excitedly: "I missed the festival at the pedestrian street in late May, so this time I took my family to the street early to sit and wait for the delegation to march by. They are very friendly, sociable, ready to take pictures with my two children, they like it very much.
This is the third time the street carnival was held by the Sun Group in the capital, giving people and visitors a spiritual dish with the meaning of dynamism and integration of "The City for Peace." ". Many people believe that the walking street carnival parade is gradually becoming an activity expected on every occasion in the capital.
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