Hue Citadel City where for peaceful souls

No need to go to Italy, India or somewhere far away, this summer, you can visit Hue, the ancient citadel land, to start your journey to find peace and calmness.
Eat, Pray, Love memorabilia of American writer Elizabeth Gilbert and the adaptation film of the same name later created a trend of traveling across the continent to discover yourself and balanced life. In it, the heroine journeyed to Italian cuisine, Indian spiritual discovery and found her love in Bali (Indonesia). Do you need to go far to enjoy the sophistication of the cuisine, immerse in the spiritual space in temples and walk in the most romantic setting in the world?
No need to go far, Vietnam also possesses an ideal place where visitors can experience all that in about a week visiting tourists. Located north of the Hai Van Pass, the ancient city of Hue possesses many historical monuments from the 14th century. The temples and pagodas abound with the shadow of the ancient past associated with the ancient dynasties. If you want to enjoy the cuisine, immerse yourself in the spiritual world or the romantic little walking, tourists can come to Hue to "awaken" all the sense organs.
Eating: Being ranked in the famous location of Vietnamese cuisine, Hue inherits the royal essence from the chefs who have served the kings' families for centuries. Although many hotels in Hue are proud to own a restaurant that serves many local specialties, visitors should still try restaurants along the way to experience authentic flavors.
You can stroll along Han Thuyen Street, trying a variety of deliciously delicious soup cakes. Through the canal to Bach Dang Street, you will be served Hue beef noodle soup every morning from the pole of mrs Keo or to Nguyen Binh Khiem street to enjoy banh xeo. Going along the Huong River, passing Truong Tien Bridge, going to Truong Dinh Street, you will encounter street vendors selling legendary mussel rice. Finally, the banh xeo combo, the Nam cake, the filter cake on Nguyen Trai street behind the Citadel is the perfect ending for a beautiful morning.
Prayer: Buddhism is part of people's daily life in the ancient capital since the 16th century. Visitors can visit temples in the inner city or surrounding areas, spending hours and hours meditating and talking with the monks. You can visit famous temples such as Thien Mu, Thien Lan, Huyen Khong ... to enjoy a quiet space, peaceful mind.
Hue is home to the world famous Buddhist leader Thich Nhat Hanh. Located in Duong Xuan Thuong III village, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city, Tu Hieu temple, where he was ordained, still welcomes Buddhists to pay homage to the Zen master every day.
Love: During your trip to Hue, you will love what you see and love places. You love this poetic land as you walk along the Perfume River, watching the sunset disappear from the Citadel or immerse yourself in nature at Bach Ma National Park.
Hue's charm is almost endless with visitors looking for a bit of romance. The ancient temples, splendid Perfume River, the time-looming Citadel ... are all waiting for you to leave for a wonderful discovery.
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