Passionating with 6 "Robinson wild islands" on Vietnamese soil

Vietnam with the strength of the island, the "Robinson Island" named below will surely be the ideal tourist destination for those who love to explore wild nature and need some peaceful space. Owning crystal clear sea water, gentle sandy beach and sparkling golden sunshine makes it easy for anyone when they come to be drawn into this peace.

Cu Lao Cau - Binh Thuan
Referring to Binh Thuan, you will immediately think of Phan Thiet with luxury resorts. But this land is not only that, this place also has pristine beaches, including the famous Cu Lao Cau called other name Hon Cau.
Cu Lao Cau is located about 100 km away from Phan Thiet, with clear sea currents that look to the bottom, making tourists "stunned" by that freshness. This place is truly untouched because it is under the management of the border guards, if you want to stay overnight, you must get permission from the border and do not have many services, the sea is extremely clean. Most tourists only come here to play, bathe in the day and then return to the city center to rest.

Mai Nha Island - Phu Yen
Setting foot in Cu Lao Mai Nha in An Hai commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, you will feel like becoming Robinson on the real wild island. Clean beach with lots of joss and trenches. There are not many people living on the island, so the physical condition is lacking, electricity shortage, lack of fresh water and lack of services. Cu Lao has a wild beauty and is an ideal destination for those who are passionate about discovering and experiencing it, it will give you the experience of a private space between the peaceful nature of the sea, as if this place is your own "kingdom".

Binh Lap Peninsula - Khanh Hoa
Although the location is separate from the outside but Binh Lap Peninsula, which is dubbed the miniature Maldives paradise of Vietnam, is also very famous of Khanh Hoa sea tourism. As one of the islands in the "Four directions" water that everyone wants to set foot on, this place has the wild beauty of nature with blue sea and white sand stretching. Not only that, there is also Ngoc Suong resort - the background of many famous movies, .. making it become more and more favorite tourist destination, especially every summer.

Here, you can rent a tent to camp overnight on the beach to feel the wild untouched character of this beautiful peninsula. Always cool by the fresh sea breeze, Binh Lap will bring you unforgettable experiences about peace and comfort.

Hon Ong - Khanh Hoa
Khanh Hoa sea is famous for many beautiful beaches and islands, and Hon Ong is also among them. This island is located about 100km from Nha Trang, also known as Whale Island, is one of the most beautiful deserted robinson islands in Vietnam. The sea here is always clean, fresh sea water along with the convenient services at the resorts to unleash your struggles underwater and enjoy a great stay.

Hon Nua - adjacent to Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa
With its unique location, located at the foot of Ca pass, half of Phu Yen, half of Khanh Hoa, this seemingly forgotten island has become attractive to nature lovers. But also because few people know so far it still retains the pristine features of the small island between the blue sea. The grandeur of the surrounding rocks makes it look like an attractive fairytale picture.
Come here to camp overnight and start the "voyage" around the island with fishermen. You can rent tents and boats of people here for relatively cheap price, just like that you will feel Robinson's feeling on the uninhabited island, make your sea trip more meaningful.

Mong Tay Islet - Kien Giang
Along with the 5 names above, the Mong Tay is also known as the Robinson island of Kien Giang sea. This place is like a miniature sea paradise encapsulated in mesmerizing blue colors. It is the jade green color of the sea, the green of the terminalia catappa leaves, the fresh color of the coconut canopy on the coast, ... mingling with the white color of the sand, the golden color of the sunshine, creating a natural picture alive and dreaming can captivate any visitor.
If you are looking for a place to camp, explore uninhabited islands or "hunting" addresses, then Mong Tay Island is the ideal place for you. You can relax on the smooth sandy floor, admire the unique species of Son Hai and listen to the whispering waves to dispel the fatigue of the chaos in life.

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