Phan Si Pang Peak and 9 other attractions of Sapa

SaPa is always the dream destination of many people. It seems everyone wants to set foot in this charming land at least once. Because in SaPa outside Phan Si Pang peak, there are many attractive tourist destinations attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. And below is the destination that you should not ignore. 

Other destinations:

Phan Xi Pang Peak- Roof of Indochina
Phan Si Pang is the highest mountain of the Indochinese peninsula that most of the climbers want to conquer. Located in the center of Hoang Lien Son range, this is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Sapa as well as the point where you can watch the snow fall. To get to the top you have to take the cable car and on the cable road you will discover the wonderful natural flora and fauna of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Especially to experience the feeling of floating on a height of thousands of meters above the ground, very interesting, right?

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Ham Rong mountain
Ham Rong Mountain is located right next to Sapa town, so you can walk there. This mountain, though not too high, but if standing on the top of the mountain, visitors will see the panoramic view of Sapa, Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa, Ta Phin village hidden in the fog full of blur. Especially today, it really is seen as a landscape full of fruit and flowers.
Muong Hoa valley
Muong Hoa Valley is located in Hau Thao commune, about 8km from Sa Pa town. From Sapa town, tourists will pass a mountain pass along the high mountains to reach Muong Hoa valley. In the valley, there are ancient stone fields with many different shapes, interspersed between trees and terraced fields of ethnic minority people that are also ideal "virtual living" places.

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Cat Cat village
Cat Cat village is an ancient village of Mong people, where there are still many traditional handicrafts such as planting cotton, linen and weaving. The village is located 2km away from Sapa town center, so it is very close to Sapa that anyone who comes to Sa Pa wants to visit this place.
May bridge
This famous bridge is weaved by rattan through the Muong Hoa stream. If you are lucky enough to visit May bridge on the foggy days from the Muong Hoa stream, you will see how beautiful it is. If you have come, don't be afraid to experience the feeling of floating when crossing the bridge, you will feel like walking on a very special cloud.

Ta Phin village
Ta Phin village belongs to the territory of Sapa district, has a beautiful natural landscape, along with cultural features imbued with the national identity of the Red Dao ethnicity. Coming to Ta Phin, visitors can visit Ta Phin cave where there are many stalactites forming interesting shapes. Or be part of the ethnic minority group to participate in bamboo dancing at community houses - interesting activities?

Bạc waterfall - Deo Peak
From Sa Pa town, moving to West about 12km, visitors will see the image of the Bac Waterfall - where the stream rushes through O Quy Ho valley. However, if you have come here, please go 3km further to reach the peak of Deo. From this position you can take your eyes towards Phan Si Oang peak or look at the unique road to Binh Lu.

SaPa old church 
Located right in the center of town, the SaPa old church was built in 1895. This is a building that represents the ancient architecture of the remaining French. Until now the church has always been preserved to become a tourist destination not to be missed by visitors when coming to the misty country.

Sky Gate
For a long time when it comes to heaven gate, people will immediately think of Ha Giang - the place where Quan Ba heaven gate is located. But do you know that there is a heaven gate in Sapa? Exit Sapa town, take the north about 18 km to the sky gate. The road to the sky gate zigzagged and winding in the middle of the vast mountain. But when you arrive, standing in the middle of the heavenly gate, visitors can zoom in to see the vast valley below with green fields, the road with traffic back and forth, far away is Thac Bac, .. All will give you a sense of this northwestern forest.

Coc San
Coc San is a system of waterfalls and large and small caves, this tourist site possesses completely natural and unspoiled beauty. The path to San San is zigzag, dark and covered with rocks but don't be afraid to try. Because almost under each waterfall, behind the water pouring down from above, there will be a cave, a mysterious beauty that you will see with your own eyes.
In addition to these names, the land of SaPa mountain has many other attractive destinations. If you have plenty of time and opportunity, don't miss the opportunity to explore these places!

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