Places should be visited in Con Dao Island

Con Dao - from a land of "earthly hell" has become one of Vietnam's great tourist and vacation paradises. With its wild, mysterious but incredibly beautiful beauty, the following places in Con Dao are really a "fairyland" that cannot be missed in your trip.

Dam Trau Beach

Dam Trau is a beach associated with the legend of boy Cau and girl Trau. This is one of the most beautiful beaches as well as the first suggested location for the Con Dao tourism journey. Here, visitors can delight in swimming, soaking in the cool water. In addition, just swimming, visitors can see the landing planes - a unique feature only available here.
Dam Trau Beach, con dao island

Bay Canh Islet

This is the second-largest island out of 16 islands in Con Dao archipelago which is also home to a large number of sea turtles in Vietnam. Nature here is especially wild, so every year hundreds of individual turtles come to spawn. Coming to Bay Canh Island, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the mangrove ecology, swim or snorkel and watch the polymorphic, multi-colored coral reefs on the seabed.
Bay Canh Islet, con dao island

Hon Tai Islet

Hon Tai - where the colorful landscape of coral species and marine species hidden under the clear blue water becomes a destination many tourists love. Here, visitors will be satisfied with the mysterious shimmering beauty of the aquarium with many colorful and fancy corals that are hard to find anywhere else. And yet, there is also the opportunity to see ebony squirrels, basilisk, geckos, ... and many other seabirds and other pied imperial pigeons.
Hon Tai Islet, con dao island

Suoi Nong Beach

From Dam Trau beach, visitors go through a short forest path that will reach the Suoi Nong beach. This place possesses a wild beauty as well as a rare mangrove ecosystem. With a white sandy beach and cool water, the beach becomes beautiful as a vivid picture.
Suoi Nong Beach, con dao island

Dam Tre Bay

Luckily, it is favored for the natural landscape, out of the wind due to the surrounding mangrove forest. Visiting Dam Tre Bay, visitors can visit the mangrove forest, snorkeling and watching coral, watching salangane bird making nest and many other marine species. In addition, on the road to the bay, you are also spoiled for sightseeing of Con Son bay, Dat Doc beach, Penguin cape, Lo Voi cape, ...
Dam Tre Bay, con dao island

Hon Ba Islet

Adding a destination in Con Dao that cannot be without checked-in this summer is Hon Ba. This island has beautiful beaches, diverse forest and mangrove ecosystems. In particular, the peak of Love and the coral source around Hon Ba is a remarkable attraction for those who love the beauty of nature. If in the rainy season, visitors can enjoy bathing in the cool stream at the edge of the forest near the beach.
Hon Ba Islet, con dao island

Lo Voi Beach

Near the center of the district, you can also enjoy yourself in the nature of Lo Voi beach. This place has a quiet sea, a clear blue sea, a coastline, a long and very clean white sand strip, very suitable for swimming, walking or dropping on the shores under the shade of the ancient poplar reflecting.
Lo Voi Beach, con dao island

An Hai Beach

In addition to Lo Voi Beach, An Hai Beach is also quite convenient. Located on the longest coast of Con Dao and right in the center of Con Son town, An Hai beach is the first choice of many households or believers afraid to go far. There are resorts and hotels, they all focus on the cool road along this beach, spoiled for you to relax, enjoy a cool vacation.
An Hai Beach, con dao island

Dat Doc Beach

The most beautiful beach not to be missed when Con Dao tourism is Dat Dat beach. It offers gentle and pure natural beauty of fresh, cool seawater. The waves patted continually on the smooth white sand, gently lingering in the shape of an endless crescent, ... creating a magical charm that anyone who arrives will be "collapsed" in front of that very peaceful beauty.
Dat Doc Beach, con dao island

Bai Nhat Beach

Indeed, Con Dao is a "fairyland" with vast sea, it is not wrong to have so many beaches and beautiful coastline. And Bai Nhat is also one of them. Here, visitors can relax with nature at the beach, watching the beautiful sunset slowly diving through the Peak of Love. However, Bai Nhat only appeared a few hours a day because most of the other time beaches will be submerged in the water, so please "watch" for accuracy!
Bai Nhat Beach, con dao island

Ong Dung primeval forest

The final destination we want to suggest to you in this trip to Con Dao is Ong Dung primeval forest. This place is ideal for experience trekking. You can take a 20-minute trekking trip, cross the primeval forest and natural vegetation. Then reeve through the rows of lush, wild tropical trees leading to the beautiful beach at the end of the forest.
Ong Dung primeval forest,, con dao island
If you are looking for a place to travel and relax, choose Con Dao. Surely you will have a fun and emotional trip with these destinations.

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