Enjoying with clean and near beaches near Saigon

Summer is the ideal time to go to the sea, where there is a clear blue water, smooth white sand and cool sea breeze, ... to help you dispel the tired feeling of hot weather. With the following recommended beaches, it will definitely give you interesting experiences that are not too far from Saigon and your pocket.

Thanh An island, Can Gio 

About 70km from Ho Chi Minh city center, Thach An island commune in Can Gio district is an ideal summer sun shelter. A distance is not too far, but this place is completely separated from the rushing flow of crowded town. This is home to about 5,000 people, and there are not too many luxurious amenities or travel services. But it is also because of this that makes it so close and peaceful.
The beautiful mid-sea road of Thach An island sea.
Here, you can walk on the road to see the sea, the stone path between the sea. Witness the scene of people catching seafood or salt farmers working hard on white salt fields. Or simply enjoy fresh and attractive seafood dishes directly from the island with very cheap prices such as crab, octopus, shrimp, oysters ...It's simple but it will be interesting experiences that you cannot forget when visiting this place.
Scene of the salt farmers making salt on white salt fields.

Phuoc Hai beach, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Vung Tau is always the top destination for tourist lovers because it is near Saigon and has a beautiful beach. However, not the familiar beaches but Phuoc Hai beach - the name is quite strange for many tourists. Phuoc Hai beach in Dat Do district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province is one of those places still retain the pristine features inherent with blue poplar rows on the sand and countless beautiful stone beaches scattered far away.
The rocks on the sea of Phuoc Hai add to its wildness.
The beach is located at the foot of Minh Dam mountain, which possesses clear water, enough to tiny tiny snails are calmly moving, enough to immerse yourself in relaxing water, despite the waves continue to shore. And offshore is the figure of the boats of fishermen plying fishing. The sea is wide, the sky is high, sometimes there is a cool breeze blowing through and the sound of the waves in the quiet space makes people feel strange and peaceful.
With your friends save the sea moment this summer.
This road is not too far nor too difficult, you just need to go along National Highway 51 and then down Provincial Road 44 for 16 km, you will reach this place. Therefore, this summer, don't forget to save your moments with friends in this place! 

Phu Quy Island, Binh Thuan

Recently, the name of Phu Quy island attracted a lot of travel passionate legs, especially young people. Located offshore, about 56 nautical miles from Phan Thiet City - Binh Thuan, Phu Quy Island possesses an extremely impressive wild beauty. To get to Phu Quy island, you buy boat ticket from Phan Thiet city fishing port for VND 150,000 /ticket/turn, travel time is about 3.5 hours.
The enchanting beauty of Phu Quy island.
It can be said that the beaches in Phu Quy island have the same advantage, which is extremely clear water and very smooth and smooth sand. You can freely immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, sometimes dive to watch the colorful coral reefs below. In addition, the island also has many famous places such as: Linh Son, Trieu Duong, Mo Thay, Phu Quy island flagpole ... where you can unleash "virtual life".
Drop yourself in the cool, cool water.
And yet, the seafood on the island is extremely fresh and diverse, the price is also very attractive, spoiled for enjoying. If you are afraid to go away or don't have much time, you can choose this place, with a short time fund enough to explore every corner of the island. Too great, right?

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