Stroll in the most romantic capitals of Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is an impressive land area that attracts many visitors not only because of its beautiful scenery, unique culture, and attractive dishes but also picturesque capitals. Hiding the mystical beauty, intermingling between the modern and the ancient, the capitals below are seen as a treasure to store the precious values of each nation.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Dubbed the most intact ancient city in Europe, also known as the "golden city", Prague makes any tourists come here to be ecstatic about the beauty of its splendor and arrogance. Possessing the towering gilded towers, the thousands of years old, magnificent castles and ramparts,  with gothic and baroque architecture; with great atmosphere, great music and great food ....This city deserves the title of "one of the 5 most beautiful and romantic cities in Eastern Europe". A reader who has no spare words to compliment the Prague: "If you can only visit one city in Europe, Prague certainly doesn't disappoint you. ”
Prague - the golden city of Europe.
When the sunset falls, Prague is more beautiful and romantic when the last rays of sun shine on the bricks that make the charming Charles with a romantic beauty full of romance across the river Vltava glowing like golden inlaid. The lovers have come here to date and hook into the bridges of the locks, locking each other tightly with a passionate kiss.
Prague is more beautiful when the sunset falls.

Vienna, Austria

Few places in the world where history and modernity coexist together like in Vienna. Here, ancient castles and palaces from the Hofburg era along with luxurious restaurants and cafes blend together to create a characteristic for this city. The tranquil Danube river runs through the city, where is the inspiration for the "Danube blue" valse composed by genius musician J. Strauss.
Coming to Vienna visitors will be amazed at its beauty.
Arriving in Vienna, you will be swept into a colorful, enchanting skylight by the beauty of the Schonbrunn, Hofburg palaces, and many castles, museums, ... Strolling romantic streets, seemingly wherever you are also immersed in the music atmosphere with melodious melodies performed by street artists.
Colorful scenery captivates people.

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Square, home to brilliant houses with unique structures, has created a special attraction that attracts many visitors from around the world. And you will be comfortable walking in Chopin Park, where you remember the Polish genius composer. Every street corner, every beautiful, brick-paved, green tree-shaded street gives you a pleasant and warm feeling.
Warsaw Square, where brilliant houses have unique structures.
The days in Poland, you not only watch the sunset and listen to Chopin music in Krakow's famous old town but also feel the magic beauty of Warsaw capital with a history of over 700 years old. Warsaw has many quiet and beautiful corners as in the fairy tales, the most impressive is the statue of a mermaid holding a shield and sword between the square of Rynek Stare Miasto downtown in the heart of the old town.

Budapest, Hungary

One of the most romantic capital in Eastern Europe cannot help mentioning Budapest. This is the capital of Hungary, awarded many beautiful titles such as "Eastern Paris" or "Queen of the Danube" because of its nostalgic and romantic beauty. The capital is divided into two parts, the left bank is the city of Buda built on a hill with many beautiful castles and the right bank is the city of Pest built on the plain with ancient buildings.
Hungary's capital was awarded many beautiful titles such as "East Paris".
Going together on the streets illuminated by gas lamps in the neighborhood with the old castle, or even counting the steps on the hundreds-year-old bridge across the poetic Danube, what's more wonderful than that? And you are truly amazed by the honey-tinged golden sun shining on the Baroque architecture of the ancient churches, or the lyrical scene of the magnificent Danube jewel like a smooth silk strip between the two Buda and Pest banks.
Budapest's beauty makes visitors fascinated.

Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Located next to the Danube river, the blue Bratislava capital appears with a magnificent beauty both magnificent and ancient. Standing in the river from afar, you will be fascinated by the serene majesty of 4 towers Bratislava Castle built in typical gothic architecture located on an 85cm high hill. This is one of the most magnificent architectural buildings in the city with a series of buildings built in baroque and Rococo architecture and romantic gardens in the old town. Visit the capital of Slovakia, immerse yourself in the romance of the lush hills, countless magnificent castles, colorful traditional costumes ... The visit to the capital of Bratislava will give you the unforgetting, exciting, wonderful experiences.
The Bratislava capital is on the banks of the blue Danube river, with magnificent and ancient beauty.
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