Sunrise over Chau Truc lagoon

“I found my heart sobbing when I was greeted with the first rays of sunshine here. Never dawn so beautiful. Sunlight on the lagoon blended with honey color on the blue water surface, serving as a foundation for the fishermen shade on the longboats goes in deep till the end of the emotion ”- a tourist wrote like that when experiencing the tour“ Dawn on Chau Truc lagoon ”.

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Fishermen harvest fish and shrimp on Chau Truc lagoon.
Chau Truc lagoon, also known as Tra O lagoon or Bau Bang is one of the largest freshwater lagoons in our country. The lagoon is located in the northern province of Binh Dinh, covering an area of more than 1,200 hectares, adjacent to 4 communes namely My Duc, My Thang, My Loi and My Chau (Phu My district). Chau Truc lagoon is located near the sea, previously due to connecting to the sea through the Ha Ra estuary, the lagoon face is easy to follow the tide. The bottom of the lagoon is shallow but there is a lot of mud, creating an abundant and rich brackish ecosystem. After building a dam to prevent saline intrusion (in 1978), Chau Truc gradually became a pure freshwater lagoon. Seafood resources in the lagoon today feed enough people in 4 communes along the lagoon, helping them to have a prosperous life. The rich and natural geographical structure also creates a poetic, peaceful, attractive landscape and holds anyone's footsteps once stepping in here.

Chau Truc Lagoon is quiet during the day, quiet space. People here say, the Lagoon sleep during the day and then flare up at 2 times of the day: dawn and sunset. In the afternoon, when the sun gradually let go, the color of light sunshine along with evening clouds reflects the face of the lagoon is the time when people bring out fishing gear. Watching the basket boat and shade of the people drop the net busily in the lagoon's face, the people's heart also wants to immerse itself in the scenery. When the darkness covers the lagoon's face, everyone goes home waiting for the dawn.

Night on the lagoon is the time for symphony of frogs and insects. Sitting on the island near the burning fire, grilling the fish, silently listening to the echoing sound is when our heart is peaceful and strange. In front of this magical melody, the soul suddenly becomes poetic, washes out all the problems and belongs to nature completely. 

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Dawn, when the first light of the new day sneaked on the lake, fishermen went sailing to the lagoon. The net lines and zigzag in the water accidentally draw unique lines, so that the light ray of dawn will create strange and beautiful accents on the lagoon. There was a romantic guy growing up on the edge of the lagoon. One day, he could not resist the beauty of it, he stood up against the pole on the lake, but earnestly, how to make people see Chau Truc fairy. So the tour off the sunset and welcome the dawn is opened. He shared, here in addition to taking photos to tired hands to catch beautiful moments, visitors also experience dropping nets catching fish, shrimp and processing them at will. Chau Truc Lagoon offers unrivaled delicacies. Grilled eel is a luxurious, expensive dish that is considered to be worth the money. The eel appears in every area but the fat and sweetness are not as good as Chau Truc. Some people think that deliciousness is due to the ecological structure of the lagoon.

In contrast to expensive eel, shrimp vermicelli, noodle soup is cheap and surprisingly delicious. Only from 5 to 10 thousand VND, there was a bowl of vermicelli cooked with shrimp, fresh and sweet. Diners enter the restaurant to call a bowl of vermicelli, also witnessed the process of making noodles and cooking noodles. Each shop has a manual noodle making machine. Noodle is pressed down to the boiling pot of water, then picked out and mixed with finely pounded shrimp with a little spice, so there is a rustic sweet vermicelli bowl, imbued with the county soul.

The rainy season, the water spreads out the wide lagoon surface; In the dry season, the water shrinks, giving way to the green fields surrounding the water. Living in the peaceful landscape of the countryside and enjoying delicious dishes every day is a blessing that nature generously offers to the people here. If you have a chance to greet the dawn on Chau Truc lagoon, you will find your soul melting.

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