The beauty of Bach Long salt field - Nam Dinh

Bach Long salt field is one of the largest and most beautiful salt fields in Northern Vietnam. There are about 1000 households working in salt making.

From March to August every year is the salt making season of Bach Long farmers. Making salt is a hard work. People have to start early in the morning when the sun has not shown the first rays of sunlight yet. It cannot describe their hardships, only when you try to work on the salt field, you just understand the value of pure white salt grains made.
In salt fields, salt farmers have to perform every stage of salt making. The first is to make soil, the salt farmers have to create many square plots, sized like a mat, leveling so that the soil is smooth on the surface. Next, soak the sand with the sea water and level the sand, dry it in the field, take sea water to spray on the drying yard. When the sand is dry, on the surface of each grain of sand will crystallize each small grain of salt.
In the afternoon, there is big sunshine, from 12:00 to 1:00, it is the time when salt farmers use saltwater measuring tool to determine the salt concentration. The heavier the sun, the sooner the salt formed, the hotter the sun, the better yield, the harvest is, the more white and pure salt seeds are. At about 14h, salt began to crystallize, the saltman continued to work on the salt harvesting stage. Each salt mound is gathered, pure white is reflected under the sunlight of the sun, looks more and more sparkling.

On the busy river, there are salt boats on the warehouse. The saltman kept working hard until sunset.
Saltman is also known as sun piggyback. In this country, perhaps there is no work that hard, depending on rain and sunshine like salt making. White salt granules are the result of labor, not afraid of extreme hardship, sweating of salt makers. If the whole life is making salt, it means that the whole life of the saltman is attached to the rake and the pole. The bigger the sun is, the harder people work on the salt field. The sunny days to 39 degrees Celsius, the salt fields evaporate, the saltyness of the salt, the roaring heat against the feet,  reek the saltman face, but the saltman still try, put the heel of the floor bare in the field to scratch salt.
However, this job seems to earn no money. On about 3 acres of salt-making fields, each month the income is about 1.5 million VND - the figure does not so matter, but if the salt farmers don't, who will do the job like that? Today, in rural areas, only the elderly and women are left working this hard work, and the young people have gone to the city to look for other jobs.
The salt fields like the salt fields of Bach Long stretched out, beautiful sparkling under the sunset sun will probably make visitors pass by here extremely love. It is part of the life of the saltman here, carrying sunshine every day to filter the essence of the sea. If you have a chance to come to Nam Dinh, stop by Bach Long, stop at these salt fields, so you can feel the beauty in different angles, both peaceful and rustic.

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