The emotional beauty of the colorful street at Yen Bai

For half a year, Ao Luong village, Son A commune, Van Chan district, Yen Bai province have been transformed into a resort full of romantic flowers. 

Muong Lo is not only the second largest granary in the Northwest of the country but also a famous place with unique landscapes, fresh climate and unique culinary specialties.

Surrounded by the Hoang Lien Son mountain range all year round with white clouds, Muong Lo valley now includes Van Chan district and Nghia Lo town with 17 ethnic groups living. In particular, the Thai ethnic people account for half.

In recent years, Muong Lo has become a favorite destination of domestic and foreign tourists with unique tourist spots such as Suoi Giang peak with thousands of ancient tea roots; terraced fields at the foot of Khau Pha Pass; villages with stilt houses typical of ethnic groups in the Northwest ...

Although it has possessed a captivating scene, recently, villages in Son A commune (Van Chan district) are more and more romantic because flowers blooming throughout the streets.

With the mobilization of the Son A commune authorities, the people of the villages in the commune have cultivated all kinds of flowers on the roads and paths to embellish the living space. This is also an activity to attract tourists.

A romantic purple street with two street sides is the daisy cluster of Globe Amaranth.
The purple color of Bach Nhat chrysanthemum along with the color of yellow chrysanthemum and the green stretch of rice makes the rustic stilt houses stand out.
With a mild climate, Muong Lo is suitable for cultivating colorful flowers.
Each fence around the house is adorned with blooming flowers.
Around the pond banks, people also cultivate flower clusters.
Flowers are grown along on the banks of rice fields along with green mountains far away to create an extremely poetic landscape.
A group of Cosmos silently showing off near the lush green field.
The concrete inter-village roads are planted with all kinds of colorful flowers.
Bach Nhat Chrysanthemum is grown very much in Ao Luong village.
Ao Luong village is predominantly Muong.
Each family in Ao Luong village takes charge of planting flowers around their house.

Ms. Dinh Thi Hoan, a villager in Ao Luong said that recently, there were a lot of tourists from both inside and outside the country visiting the village, showing interest in the colorful paths.
At present, flowers are grown mainly in Bach Nhat daisy, yellow daisies, Cosmos and Garden balsam.
One of the brilliant streets of flowers in Ao Luong.

(Source: Vietnamnet)
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