The experience of the West region from the rustic lifestyle to the modern breath

Not only famous for the peaceful scenery of the river gardens, but the West also scored visitors by the appearance of many check-in points with modern breathing.

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The Mekong Delta is filled with rivers and canals, dubbed the "Nine Dragon" land. People here are familiar with floating markets on the river. Among many famous destinations, visitors can not ignore the experience of exploring Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho) when visiting the West. You can rent a small boat, mingle with the bustling atmosphere and learn about the lives of the people here.
From about 4-5h, Cai Rang floating market becomes bustling as boats filled with fruits, vegetables and many delicious delicacies start meeting. Spending a little time in the morning, you not only feel the bustling atmosphere of the traditional market but also bring virtual living photos with different water backgrounds. Enjoying a hot breakfast in a floating state is also an interesting suggestion. Each dish here costs from 30,000 to 35,000 VND.
The ancient features of the West are also fully preserved through the temples. Soc Trang is a prominent destination with many famous sacred and unique temples. Som Rong has quite a bit of architecture of ancient Khmer pagodas with sophisticated and unique carved lines. 5 splendid towers placed right on the temple roofs are the highlight to impress visitors.
This place is not only a place that lot of tourists choose pilgrimage, but also a destination of young people recently. Colorful colors with decorative patterns, sculptures meticulously exuding majesty, magnificence. Just invest in outstanding clothes and choose the appropriate camera angle, your photos will not be less poor than by any scenery at any ancient temple in Indonesia, Thailand.
Sa Lon Pagoda is one of the ancient houses located about 12 km from downtown Soc Trang. This place attracts many netizens because of its unique and strange architecture. The pagoda is known as the Choc Kieu. Visitors to this place are admiring and delighted with the electric main hall wall decorated with beautiful, random porcelain plates and dishes.
Besides the pagodas with Thai beauty, Ong Bon Pagoda of Chinese people became outstanding. The 130-year-old temple is located right in the heart of Soc Trang city with beautiful, sharp architecture, subtly with the spirit and culture of Chinese people living here.
Not only has the typical rural features, the Western region also delights the tourists with great and modern works. Today, to the land of the Bac Lieu dude, visitors will be overwhelmed by the huge wind turbines, stretching across the romantic scenery. The fan of the moving trend cannot ignore this ideal check-in point.
From the center of Bac Lieu city, follow Cao Van Lau street and go to the sea about 20 km and then see a field of wind fans. You can freely "perform deep" in the midst of the Western sky right in Vietnam. Want to have beautiful, sparkling photo shoot in this field, you should visit at around 16h, when the sky is no longer too harsh sun.
Built in a unique architecture, Cao Van Lau theater is a combination of modernity and tradition to attract young people to check-in. The roof is shaped like an extremely eye-catching white conical palm hat combined with the glass system, creating a luxurious and modern space. Cao Van Lau conical leaf theater is recognized as the largest conical palm hat project in Vietnam.
In the evening, the theater becomes sparkling and fanciful under the prominent colored lights. Have the opportunity to visit the West, do not forget to visit the land of Bac Lieu, witnessed a massive architectural work, the pride of the people. You will also bring back the check-in photos as such "million likes" others. 

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