The picturesque beauty of Mono lake in the US

Going to the US, to California if you do not visit Mono Lake, it is extremely unfortunate. Mono Lake is an ideal holiday resort for tourists.

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The lake is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain and near the entrance to Yosemite National Park, not only a natural lake but also a wonderful natural resort for visitors. This beautiful lake is a stop for travelers who love to travel and discover.
Mono lake is an ideal ecotourism destination.
When visitors come to Mono lake, visitors can easily see the stone tower non-stoping beautiful perfectly. Surely visitors will feel excited with the breathtaking scenery here. Surrounding the lake area is extremely beautiful, flora and fauna are rich and diverse. If you are a nature lover and want to find a place to relax, this is a great choice for you.

Mono Lake is a beautiful landmark, a famous natural resort. As far as it is known, once upon a time, thousands of years ago, the lake was formed by the rupture of the earth's crust and originated from volcanoes. Even the hills in the east, north and south of the lake, they all originated from active volcanoes 350 years ago.
 There are flora and fauna rich and diverse surrounding the lake.
Visiting Mono lake, visitors will see another special point of the lake that is surrounding the lake area including 14 different ecological regions and about 400 species of animals that live with 1000 species of plants. It is considered one of the richest natural areas in California. According to statistics, the ecosystem of the lake with up to 75%  are dated to 1 million years old and the rest to 3 million years. So Monno is America's oldest lake.

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The rich and diverse ecosystem around the lake has attracted tourists, but the stalactite-stop stone towers formed from carbonate materials are even more attractive and attracting a lot of visitors. When under the water, the agar tower became a land bridge for residents in the lake. Until the water level in the lake drops, the stone towers appear to look very beautiful, space is very spectacular.
Visitors to the lake will be conquered by the spectacular scenery here.
There are many reptile species in the Mono lake, with shrimp, fish and shrimp being the former Mono reign. Over time, the water level of the lake was decreased, the initial 25 m depth of the lake did not remain. This does not mean that the stalactite-stop stone towers appearing in the water surface are dry petrified cacti. But the water level decreases, the thousand-year-old ecosystem also disappears, changes rapidly and abruptly. Currently, to protect the lake the residents around the lake has become more aware. Visitors coming here will be satisfied with the stone towers here, there are many strange shapes that are not like other normal rocks.
The stalactite-stop stone towers exposed to the water surface.
According to the sharing experience of many visitors, the best time to visit the lake is in the morning. The towers are beautiful and majestic under the dawn sun or late afternoon to see the pelican, the Seagull flying up the sky and swooping down to find a place to rest on the stone towers.

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