There is such a peaceful Ta Van!

Each person coming to Sapa has a different way of "loving", some people like the curving roads embracing the majestic high mountains. Some people miss the familiar mountain and forest flavor that have eta then keeps "remembering" forever. Some people crave the very peaceful scenery of the dewy mist, the beautiful flower pot, and the green chayote.

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But if you come to Sapa, please visit Ta Van village to see a little more lovely thing. Ta Van - the place where the fog is floating with children smiles!
peaceful Ta Van in the middle of town.
There is a peaceful Ta Van in the middle of town.

Ta Van - the village of peace

It can be said that the fast and strong development of Sapa tourism has broken many of the living space of this place. Because of that, many tourists who do not like the noisy, hustle and bustle of the center often choose resorts in villages such as Ta Van village to feel the quiet space of this fuzzy city.
Ta Van - the village of peace
Ta Van is like another world, a peaceful setting with trees and flowers.
The special thing is that although many tourists seek to visit and choose to stay, Ta Van village still maintains the simplicity and hospitality of the people because it has not been impacted by the busy living pace from the development of Sa Pa tourism. 

Only about 8 km from the center of Sapa, Ta Van is like another world, a peaceful setting with trees and flowers. The resorts of Ta Van village do not have high-rise houses, mostly small wooden houses, nestled behind bamboo bushes, next to little, peaceful streams.
Ta Van - the village of peace
Houses of people in Ta Van village, Sapa.
The main material used in housing construction here is wood. In addition to the objects made of wood, you will also enjoy the traditional things of the ethnic people. Here, most houses for rent in homestay form have long chairs and a small table, some plant pots, or cool green fences. Here you can drop yourself to sips of hot tea, listen to birds singing, read some interesting stories or simply close your eyes, to rest, to blend into the green, clean space.
Ta Van - the village of peace
The homestay scene is very warm, captivating many tourists.

Ta Van - The picture of romance

Coming to Ta Van you can wade through the small winding stream around the village, feeling the cool spring water flowing through your feet. And when the afternoon falls, with a small corner at Ta Van's beautiful café we can sit silently watching the sunset. It must be the most beautiful scenery anyone wants to have on their trip.
Ta Van - The picture of romance
The most beautiful scenery anyone wants to have on their trip.
The sunlight shines on the houses through the glass door with the view overlooking the valley, where the golden terraced fields are shining. Visitors can sit on the porch, watching the terraced fields, the mountains hidden after the clouds, listening to birds singing, listening to the babbling sound of the stream flowing.
Ta Van - The picture of romance
Ta Van's golden ripe rice with mountains hidden behind clouds in the distance.
Although it is only a small village, you have to go through a mountain pass path to get down, but you can set one's mind at rest because Ta Van always has all the necessities for any visitor who wants to stay overnight at the homestay.

Follow the children of the village to go down the larger stream road, go through the wooden houses hidden behind the flowers, while walking and singing. Surely the beautiful scenery here will make you extremely surprised and passionate.
Ta Van - The picture of romance
Visit the streams in Ta Van village.
About 20 meters at the foot of the slope is a bar made of bamboo, where you can meet foreign tourists who are singing and dancing in the afternoon sun in front of the delightful witness of the ethnic people. The atmosphere here is quite fun, with dinner with Western and Vietnamese dishes.
Ta Van - The picture of romance
What is more than watching a beautiful view and enjoying coffee in a romantic setting?
Ta Van not only has beautiful homestay, beautiful small shops, romantic and peaceful scenes when dawn or sunset. There is also traditional beauty retained over many years for the cross-country visitors who want to find out about ancient traditional values.
Ta Van - The picture of romance
Ta Van - rendezvous for tourists by all the enthusiasm and sincerity of the Northwestern people.
Ta Van with rustic, idyllic houses, but full of the heartfelt of people here is always one of the top reasons why visitors want to call at visiting!

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