Come Ly Son island to see the blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine

As one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam with a vast blue color blending between the sky and the sea, mixed with the long sandy beaches dotting a bit of golden sun creating a colorful sea picture that nature has bestowed Ly Son.
Ly Son.
Children fly kites on the archway, the rock has a unique shape on Big Island.
If you've ever thought about a trip on a small island, with white sandy beaches, clear waters, a real peaceful place, Ly Son Island is the ideal place. Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai Province, about 30 km from the mainland, takes a high-speed train for about an hour. This island is not only famous for onion and garlic cultivation but also attracts many young visitors to explore because it contains a fluttering beauty that is hard to find anywhere.
Ly Son.
Enjoy swimming in clear water.
It is a famous and unique landscape with mountains rising from the endless space of heaven and earth. Tourists enjoy conquering the highest peaks of the island to enjoy the panoramic view of the green spaces of the sea or the garlic fields at sunrise.

Just like the beaches in Central Vietnam, the beach in Ly Son is very beautiful in the sense of blue sea - white sand - golden sunshine ... In addition, with scuba diving tools, visitors also have the opportunity to watch the fish swimming, colorful coral. Along the coast from Hang pagoda to Cau cave is a majestic sight with a side of cliffs, one on the other is the immense sea. It would be great if you come here in the lyrical and romantic moon. Sitting on Thoi Loi mountain watching the shimmering sea of moonlight, the wind gently brings back the aromatic fragrance.

In addition to visiting unique scenes, visiting the sacred ancient temples and pagodas on the island is also a tourist attraction such as Hang Pagoda, Dam Pagoda, Cau Cave, Lady God Temple, An Hai village, Ba Roi palace, King's well, Volcanic mouth, relics of Hoang Sa - Truong Sa, Am Linh Tu temple and some ancient tombs.

Among them, the most famous is the Hang Pagoda, which is the largest cave on the island, a place of Buddha worship. It was formed in the 16th century from a steep cliff nearly 20 meters high at Thoi Loi, caused by seawater intrusion. The cave is 30m wide and is deep in the mountain above 25m in the form of a frog jaw. There are beautiful stone beds, chairs in the cave. In front of the cave is a series of ancient terminalia catappa with leaves covering the cave entrance, in front of tree range, it is Quan The Am statue facing the sea.
Ly Son.
The water surface is always clear and can see the bottom.
An Hai communal house (formerly known as Ly Hai) is a national historical and cultural relic, built in 1820, still remains intact the original features of the original architecture. This is the oldest village house in Quang Ngai, the place where festivals and cultural activities take place (spring and autumn worship, ancestor worship, boat racing ...). Dam Pagoda was built in a cave on the Gieng mountain. Am Linh Tu is the place to hold a ceremony to celebrate the Hoang Sa soldiers as well as to keep the graves of Hoang Sa soldiers ... Ly Son also has stone artifacts, Chinese, Cham and Dai Viet ceramics. Especially in the heart of the island, there are many cultural relics of Cham and Sa Huynh.

For those who are passionate about food, after having great visit days in Ly Son Island, it will be missing when you are not with your companions to enjoy the fresh seafood dishes of Ly Son. Visitors can order a processing restaurant or can borrow local people with tools and make your own dishes when combined with rich spices and refined and simple ways of cooking. .... Some famous dishes such as Spanner Crab, fish sauce, seaweed roll, fried fish with sweet and sour fried fish...
Ly Son.
Cao cave - an ideal place to swim and record beautiful images.
In addition to the value of tourism, Ly Son is also known as a place to store much historical evidence of Vietnam's sovereignty. The physical and intangible evidence that has remained for hundreds of years in Ly Son has proved that the Paracel and Spratlys are part of Vietnam's sacred and inseparable territory.
Ly Son.
Turtle-shaped rock on Big Island.
Ly Son.
Unique lion-shaped rocks on the Small Island.
Ly Son.
Peace on the Small island.
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