Top 15 ideal winter destinations in Europe (Part 1)

With glittering frosts, snowy Christmas markets and medieval cities make Europe the most ideal winter destination. Skiing in Norway, horseback riding in Lapland or exploring ice caves in Iceland all offer interesting experiences in winter in Europe.
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Tallinn, Estonia

With its winding cobblestone-paved streets, charming towers and creamy color buildings, Tallinn's medieval Old Town is wonderful. Visiting the city in winter, visitors feel like stepping into a fairy tale. From mid-November to early January, visitors can explore the vast Christmas market - which houses thousands of sparkling Christmas trees in Town Hall Square. Don't forget to heat yourself up with gingerbread and sip some wine or enjoy hot chocolate at Kehrwieder Chocolaterie.
Here, visitors can visit more than 20 fairy towers and the Song Festival Grounds. From December to April, you can also skate on the ice skating rink next to the historic St. Church. Nicholas in the heart of Tallinn Old Town. Then take a break at St Petersbourg, the oldest hotel in Tallinn and a short distance from Town Hall Square.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The colorful Copenhagen buildings and the canal system and gravel roads create an ideal winter holiday in Europe. For a fun time, head to Tivoli, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world with lots of fun experiences. During the trip you will find antique cars, sleighs and Ferris wheels. In Copenhagen there are more than 40 eating houses and restaurants, offering a variety of attractive traditional dishes such as honey cakes, baked almonds and hot baked donuts.
Besides, the city also attracts tourists by many cozy cafes serving cakes, pancakes and sandwiches ... It will be missing if you do not visit the famous 300-year-old Hviids Vinstue fish shop or enjoy the legendary glögg Scandinavian wines. At the end of the day, relax at Nimb Hotel, which has a fireplace, a nice clean bathtub and direct access to Tivoli Gardens theme park. 

Saariselkä, Lapland, Finland

With glittering snowflakes and large ice lakes, Lapland must be the final destination of winter in Europe. Lapland is considered to be Santa's hometown and is always an attractive destination in winter. Saariselkä, a small village in the center of Lapland, is a great destination to explore. Visitors will experience dog sled riding that runs through frozen lakes or visit wild areas and see animals. You will learn how to drive a sleigh and make friends with these mighty dogs.
In addition, on some special journeys, tourists also have the opportunity to experience ice fishing activities, reindeer and elk hunting. After experiencing these exciting activities, stay at Muotka Igloos - a small glass dome-style cottage. 

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, the gateway to the fjords of Norway, is only two hours flight away from the UK. Here, the Norwegian coast cruise tour is held all year round. Spend a day on a modern double boat, explore the fjord and then cross the Mostraumen strait watching the towering mountains on either side. You will have the opportunity to conquer cascading waterfalls and if you're lucky, you'll see seals and even eagles.
Buy a sleigh then conquer the city's Fløibanen climbing railway to get to the top of Fløyen Mount. From above you can admire the panoramic view of the city covered with snow, then ride a toboggan down, enter the city to enjoy the traditional sausages at Trekroneren and sip aquavit wine - a kind of wine mainly produced in Scandinavia. The most convenient accommodation is Hotel Park Bergen, just 15 minutes from the harbor area.

Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lake National Park is home to 16 beautiful lakes connected by hundreds of cascading waterfalls. In the coldest European winter months, turquoise waters and waterfalls freeze into beautiful ice sheets, bringing strange tranquility. The best time to visit Plitvice Lake National Park is between January and March.
Visiting Plitvice Lake National Park, you get free access to the electric boat and the train to enjoy the panoramic view of the park. After that, walk through the lakes so you can see with your own eyes the deer, wolves and wild boars wandering in the park. The main tourist stop is the Green Lakes House guesthouse, which is easily accessible from the National Park.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is famous for its picturesque canal system, -stone-paved streets and more than 40 chocolate shops. Arriving in Bruges, you can admire the fuzzy city skyline and white chalky colored buildings after crossing 366 steps of the Belfry ancient bell tower in the city center.
Besides, the city is also home to the Stone Sculpture Festival with a large stone palace, along with spectacular works is favorite Disney characters. Acacia Hotel is an ideal stopover for travelers. Hotel Acacia is close to the Belfry Bell Tower, which offers cozy rooms and constantly opened fireplaces.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In December, Amsterdam's channels became a sparkling art gallery thanks to the annual Festival of Lights. At this time, visitors can sit on the boat and admire the sculptures and colorful LED lights everywhere. After that, stop at a street stall and enjoy sugar-covered cake or stroopwafel (waffles with freshwater).
In addition, visitors can visit the castle and admire the giant, sparkling Christmas tree with more than two miles of fairy lights. Staying at Hotel Dwars near Rembrandt Square is a right choice.

Sibiu, Romania

Set amid the snowy Făgăraş mountains, the city of Sibiu is like a maze with narrow cobblestone streets, towering city walls and picturesque squares that make up a winter holiday in romantic Europe.
Notable experiences when traveling to Sibiu include visiting the famous Lies bridge, admiring the glittering tree lights in the main square or watching The Nutcracker at the Ballet Sibiu theater.

Winter to travel to Europe is ideal because this is a golden time for some cities to find the opportunity to "shine" and your journey becomes more perfect than ever, bringing to you interesting experiences in the cold winter months in Europe.

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