Travel to Mang Den this summer

Mang Den is a national eco-tourism area, primeval forests covering everywhere with cool year-round climate, beautiful lakes, and waterfalls which are considered as the paradise of the Central Highland.

The quite and primeval paradise of Mang Den.
Mang Den is located at 1,200 m above sea level, temperate climate, cool all year round, the average temperature of 16-20 degrees Celsius, surrounded by primeval forest, covering over 80% of the nature area.

Moving from Ho Chi Minh City to Mang Mang

To get to Mang Den you can choose Tan Anh car, ground limousine, private room, private TV, quiet car, massage chair during 470k / way trip. If you want to save costs, you can ride Phuong Thu Xanh 230k / way, normal bed car so it gets shaking a bit.
The beautiful nature of Mang Den ecosystem tourist area.
From Saigon to Mang Den is 13 hours, so you should depart at 6 pm, arriving at 7 am the next morning. When you come back, you can take a 3-hour trip, arriving in Saigon will be around 4.30 pm. So, going back to home, you can sleep for 1 more night and go to work the next day. 

Toki Mang Den Homestay 

Toki Mang Den Homestay
Toki Mang Den is a homestay that anyone who comes to feel familiar and loving. Every time at Toki Mang Mang is once more to love the small but emotional details and always be carefully cared for. The view of room is a beautiful forest but warm year-round, peaceful space, soft blanket and extremely friendly restroom that will make you enjoy when staying. In addition, homestays also rent motorbikes for 150k /unit/day.

Places of entertainment in Mang Den

Places of entertainment in Mang Den.
Mang Den is almost always wild, there are not many tourist spots. Here you can visit: sacred Mang Den Mother, Pasy Waterfall tourist area (from Pasy waterfall further down there will be many beautiful places, there are terraced fields of golden ripe rice), Dak Ke lake, cable stayed bridge, Konbring village, green meadow, Kontuma village (this village is far away but along the pass road is quite nice, on both sides of the road are rice fields, gardens under the picturesque valley).
The beautiful landscape and very suitable for relax of Mang Den.
The beautiful landscape and very suitable for relax of Mang Den.
Mang Den has not many beautiful sparkling places like Da Lat, Sapa but in return, the atmosphere is very suitable for relaxation. During the day, it is sunny but it is still cool and dark at night, the air will be very cold. Residents of this area are sparse, so if you do not have someone to guide you with your destination, you can ask for more at the homestay.
The beautiful landscape and very suitable for relax of Mang Den.
The beautiful landscape and very suitable for relax of Mang Den.

What to eat in Mang Den?

In Mang Den, the food is quite good, but the price is very cheap. In addition, good weather also helps you enjoy food more delicious. The delicious dishes in Mang Den which you can refer to:

- Akay soup cake: 25k / bowl. The soup cake has 2 types of wheat flour and rice flour, quail eggs and also big pieces of fish.
The attractive Mang Den food to visitors.
- Barbecue: Order in homestay processing, they prepare fully the oven, the evening gather to grill and then go to the garden to watch the star which will be great.

- Tubed rice and grilled chicken: The famous Sinh Sinh restaurant, 1 part of chicken + 3 big tubes of rice costing only 270k, enough for 3 - 4 people to eat well.
The attractive Mang Den food to visitors.
- Hot pepper hot pot, dried bamboo roll: At Mang Mang tourists shop. It is best to book in advance because the shop is always crowded, the shop girl is very cute. A big pot with 2 compartments, 1 super spicy compartment, 1 normal compartment, table filled food. Add a part of dried bamboo salad and 4 cups of lemon fruit juice. Total only 650k VND.

- Ginseng stewed chicken: Tay Nguyen restaurant. You can order food that people bring to homestay, price 320k / part. Black chicken, spiced with herbs but easy to eat, not strong, firm meat and tough skin.
The attractive Mang Den food to visitors.
- Cafe, drinking water: Bach Duong coffee. Nice, wide, cool, wich style of Coffee House in Saigon.

The total cost for the Mang Den 3N2Đ trip (3 days, 2 nights) is about VND 2,100,000 / person. Too cheap for a vacation to enjoy and relax, isn't it? So what are you waiting for this summer not to come to Mang Den right now!

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