Vermicelli - Specialties make sobbing people of Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot not only has coffee but also has a dish that makes visitors have to fall in love with it. Anyone who visits this city will find and enjoy the famous, delicious vermicelli.

Along with other attractive dishes such as bitter bamboo shoots, tube-grilled rice, grilled chicken or asparagus, vermicelli is also one of Buon Ma Thuot's specialty dishes that are popular. Coming to the plateau and enjoying the sweet, cool taste of the vermicelli in a cold afternoon is a delight that anyone can indulge in.
Vermicelli, a well-known noodle dish in the mountain town of Buon Ma Thuot.
Delicious noodle dish of the Buon Me Dak Lak province
The noodle dish of Buon Ma Thuot also has another name is bun gio chia (noodle with pig leg), this dish has the same broth as the famous Hue beef noodle dish, but the material that makes the dish is completely different. With a vermicelli dish, people do not use beef meat, but use the meat on the back of the pig's leg, this meat is especially delicious and suitable for cooking vermicelli.
People use the hind leg meat of the pig to cook vermicelli.
Meat to cook the vermicelli after being carefully selected, then people will bring it back to prepare cleanly and then put it in the broth to simmer well. The time of meat simmer is also quite long to get meat's freshwater and help soft meat. After the meat simmer is finished, people will bring it out and let it cool and then simmering water will be tasted to make broth for noodles.

When diners come to the restaurant, they will take each piece of the pork-pie into the pot for using warm, then enter the vermicelli bowl that has already shrimp paste. The last step to perfect the vermicelli is to add small spring onion, onion, and broth.
The vermicelli bowl makes diners irresistible.
After a long journey of discovering or moving, enjoyed a bowl of vermicelli of Buon Me Thuot, enjoyed the rich flavor of the fat and well-steamed pork-pie will make diners seem like forgetting all tiredness. 

The Buon Ma Thuot vermicelli will be served with raw vegetables to balance the taste, help diners feel more delicious and not be fatted.
Vermicelli is often eaten with raw vegetables.
The broth of the vermicelli is very spicy but very tasty, the sausages pieces are served with the chili sauce of the restaurant, it will be more delicious, more charming and attractive.

Many diners after enjoying the vermicelli dish, besides appreciating the delicious taste of the dish, people often say funny to each other that, vermicelli is really a dish suitable for "voracious" people. Because a vermicelli bowl is so full and attractive, the price is very cheap, only from 30,000 VND to 40,000 VND per vermicelli bowl.
Full and attractive vermicelli bowls.

The best time to eat vermicelli in Buon Ma Thuot is in the evenings, in the chilly weather characterized by the mountain town. Enjoying the vermicelli in the cold evenings, while eating and watching the streets of mountain town at night, talking to each other in random stories is the pleasure of many people of this plateau.

Buon Ma Thuot people can eat vermicelli every day.
Vermicelli is a favorite dish of the people of Buon Ma Thuot, so when you come here you can easily see the noodle shop with busy people coming in and out even after midnight. Buon Me people eat vermicelli on any occasion, every time they crave, they will visit a restaurant to make a full vermicelli bowl, this is a dish all year round, regardless of any season.

Traveling to Buon Ma Thuot, visitors can easily find and enjoy vermicelli because this dish is sold very popular. The delicious taste of vermicelli, will surely make visitors happy and have to crave when they remember.
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