Visiting the white clouds Doai country

“I remember the white clouds Doai county a lot
Do you ever miss your love? ”

Surely anyone who heard these two verses wondered one thing: "Has anything special in Doai country that makes the author remember so much?" Actually, the Doai county is very beautiful and there are many things to hold visitors. It is not only the scenic spots, cultural and historical relics but also traditional handicraft villages that still retain the original features of the countryside.
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Doai county - the best of communal house
So communal house - the most beautiful communal house in Doai county.
With a unique winds and waters terrain and typical ancient architecture, So communal house (So village, Cong Hoa commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi) has been named the most beautiful ancient house of Doai when it has gone through its life of more than 350 years.

Over the years, the house still retains the sophisticated and ancient beauty. The Communal house lying down on the Tortoise mountain, in front of it is the Day river dike being formed to form a semicircular lake. The three-door gate has 2-storey architecture, 3 spaces, 4 roofs, two sides are small entrance doors to enter and exit. The decorative and carved motifs on the roof of the three-door gate still remain intact, extremely beautiful and sophisticated. In particular, the image of the dragon couple in the upside and four summoned beasts at the foot of extremely majestic wooden pillars.

Through the gate of the three doors is to the three disciplines of the communal house. Three disciplines are 54m2 wide, in the four corners, there are curving heads that give a soft shape. The communal house has 7 floors, 2 wings, 4 roofs with roof tiles. Inside the house, there are 32 large and small ironwood pillars arranged in 6 horizontal rows. After the shrine is palace" only opening when the festival is held. The floor of the house is made of ironwood.

In the communal house, there are still 40 dignitaries and gods from the Hoang Dinh 2 (1601) in the Le Dynasty to the year of Khai Dinh 9 (1924) in the Nguyen Dynasty, along with many monuments and antiquities. Therefore, in 1980, So Communal house was ranked by the Ministry of Culture - Sports & Tourism as National Relic to be preserved.

Duong Lam ancient village with original cultural values
Duong Lam ancient village with original cultural values.
If anyone asks about Doai, then the people here will be proud to talk about Duong Lam ancient village. There are 7 national ranked heritages, and the houses recognized by UNESCO for the longest time. The majority of religious buildings and ancient houses are from 300 to 400 years. Currently in the village, there are hundreds of old houses, invested and restored by the state, preserving intact ancient traces.

When you come here you will have to go through the familiar village gate, the two sides are the old banian tree and the large lotus lake. Everyone will be attracted by the seven-storey houses built with ancient dark yellow laterite. The small shops of the old people in the village, it evokes an old memory with hardships. Along with the rise of the country, this place has grown more, especially in tourism potential.

Historical site of Son Tay ancient citadel
Son Tay ancient citadel is a destination not to be able to miss when coming to Doai.
Located in the center of town, Son Tay ancient citadel is an unforgettable destination when coming to Doai. The ancient citadel was built in the 3rd Minh Mang (1822), an ancient military architecture that was praised by the French as the masterpiece of An Nam architecture.

There are 4 main gates: Tien gate, Hau gate, Huu gate, Ta gate, on the gates there are gazebo and gun emplacements. Surrounding the town is a deep moat connecting to Tich river, facilitating the fight against invaders. Inside there are Kinh Thien temple with 5 rooms, roofing tiles, and Doan Mon with 3 main doors looking straight at the flagpole ....

Son Tay citadel was a center of the anti-French resistance war against the Nguyen dynasty officials. Through many events, the city was severely destroyed. But the old traces of remnants such as laterite walls, Tien gate, Hau gate, 2 cannon and some ruins such as gazebo, Kinh Thien temple platform, wells ... are enough to make tourists nostalgia.
Xu Doai (Doai country) gives visitors a pleasant and comfortable feeling when being immersed in nature, ancient beauty, sacred to quiet.
Going to visit the white cloud-covered Doai area, we ill feel the strong development of this land. Even so, this place still gives visitors a pleasant feeling, comfortable, when being immersed in nature, ancient beauty, sacred to quiet.
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