Weekend to Ninh Thuan watching the Chaper waterfall

Like a girl painting on the rocks, Chapter waterfall seems drawn a beautifully natural picture in the land of Ninh Thuan.

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Chaper waterfall is located in Ma Lam village, Phuoc Tan commune, Bac Ai district, about 10km from Highway 27B. The road to Chaper Tower is no longer as difficult as it used to be. All vehicles from motorbikes to cars can reach Ma Lam village. From the main road to the first point of the falls, it takes you 5 minutes to walk.

Right from the name is enough for many people to wonder, why the waterfall is called the Chaper waterfall. In the system of three falls here, Chaper waterfall has a height of 60m, which means the biggest waterfall, so the name of the waterfall was born.
the beauty of Chaper waterfall inh ninh thuan
Chaper Waterfall, a spot of check-in can not be ignored in Ninh Thuan.
At this point, you will also hear this story passed through generations on the Chaper Falls. In the past, people had to follow streams and falls to find their livelihoods, to survive the day. There was one family, on the path to search for a living, accidentally discovered a waterfall. They stayed near the waterfall, built a house to live, and later they gave birth to a daughter and named it Chaper. The bigger the Chaper was, the more beautiful the Chaper was, the girl was loved by boys are in the villages.

One day, when the sun god was gone, the rain god took the opportunity to pour rain down. The rain continued for several days and swept away many crops of the people and the Chaper. When the sun god and the villagers returned it was too late. The villagers tried to salvage the body of the Chaper but failed.
the beauty of Chaper waterfall inh ninh thuan
Chaper Waterfall - legendary and charming waterfall.
While in despair, in the sky, her image appeared in the rainbow light. Her hair sank into the stream, her voice mixing into the sound of the waterfall. To commemorate the beautiful daughter, the people named the waterfall Chaper. Since then, the Raglai have been revered and never pointed at the rainbow because it is the image of the sacred Chaper.

The enchanting beauty of the waterfall is likened to the mountainous girl with long shiny hair by the people here. The waterfall from above poured down no matter what time of day and year. The harmony of nature, of the bamboo forest, the Lagerstroemia forest adorned the beauty of the Chaper waterfall more double.
the beauty of Chaper waterfall inh ninh thuan
Immerse yourself in a cool space at the Chaper Falls.
Every year, this waterfall attracts many tourists to visit and admire. Being immersed in the cool cascades, the sound of the wind blowing, the sound of birds chirping ... in the middle of a vast landscape is so elegant.

If you have time, you should stay overnight at a local house near Chaper waterfall to enjoy delicious dishes of this region. Join the daily life and listen to thrilling stories around the Chaper Falls. So why wait any longer without checking-in the waterfall that is considered to be the point that cannot be ignored in Ninh Thuận.

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