10 virtual living places get infatuated by ten thousand people in Indonesia

Bali tourism paradise is attracting many Vietnamese tourists by diverse services, rich experiences and many "virtual living" photo spots. If you have the opportunity to come here, you should not miss the following places.

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Death swing

Images of colorful dresses flying with swings on the green hill compelled many tourists to Bali. In fact, many resorts offer this adventure service. The most famous is the Bali Swing and My Swing, located opposite each other, overlooking a valley of thousands of green trees.

Each zone installs about 5 swings, divided into many different levels of adventure. Each swing has 2-3 support staff, from tieing seat belts, swing to take pictures for guests. You can experience all the levels to take a picture satisfying, the most interesting is the feeling from the thrill to the joy of flying to a height of tens of meters. Therefore, this game is also known as the "death swing".
Death swing in Bali, Indonesia
In addition to the swing, this area also designs "bird's nest" models for guests to take photos of "virtual living". The bird's nest is fixed on a tree, has staff to install ladder and professional photographers. They often use a glass placed under the phone lens to get the reflection of the image like a lake, making the image more magical. Package fare into this area is 35 USD (including shuttle, lunch).

Devil's tears bay

This is a famous destination on Nusa Lembongan Island, half an hour away from the big island of Bali. Guests will be transported on Baja cars, similar to Thailand's tuk tuks and Vietnamese rickshaws, to the bay. Devil's Tears Bay is essentially a cliff worn by ocean waves, forming a large cavity.

Tourists often gather on the mouth of the cliff to catch the moment when each wave hits the bay in an arc creating echoes, and the mist which is like "devil's tears". In particular, small rainbows will appear on sunny days. Local guides advise guests not to stand too close to the edge of the cliff because of the fragile rock and unusually large waves.
Devil's tears bay in Bali, Indonesia
Photo: Pinterest.

Nusa Penida

Photo: Ky Duyen. 

Nusa Penida is an island southeast of Bali. To get here, visitors often take 1.5 hours canoeing from the mainland and many hours through winding trails.

Kelingking Beach is the most popular destination on the island with the T-Rex dinosaur-shaped cliff reaching out to the sea to impress visitors. Those who love exploring can follow the rather steep trail to down to the smoothy white sand. The seawater is as clear as jade but the waves are huge, visitors should not swim.

Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia.You can combine to visit Pura Paluang Temple to the east, just a few minutes drive from this beach.
Nusa Penida is not only that because some resorts also serve water sports games. Manta Bay and Crystal Bay are ideal places for diving enthusiasts. You will have the opportunity to see giant rays, sea turtles, corals ... The best time is from August to October every year.

In the Buyuk area on the island, visitors can buy a package ticket to experience snorkeling, playing banana floats, driving a water motorbike, walking under the sea ... and flying swings to watch the ocean. Day trips to the island cost for $ 50-80 per person, including meals, canoes and game tickets.

Alternatively, you can request to call at Nusa Penida and Lembongan because the two islands are close to each other. The least time to explore the two islands is a day.

Handara Gate

Anyone who comes to Bali also wants a check-in photo with the split gate called Candi Bentar. In Balinese culture, the Candi Bentar gates are considered a bridge between reality and the spiritual world, heaven and hell, between life and death. Therefore, this traditional architecture appears in most buildings in Bali, from temples, palaces, houses, hotels ...
Handara Gate, Bali, Indonesia.
One of the famous spots with Candi Bentar gate is Handara Gate - the entrance to a Bedugul plateau resort, north of Bali.

Handara Gate is located near Ulun Danu Temple and Bratan Lake  - one of the three largest lakes in Bali, at an altitude of 1,200 m above sea level. From downtown Kuta, visitors take about 2.5 hours to move here. To check-in, visitors will have to pay IDR 30,000 (about 50,000 VND). Because the number of visitors coming here every day is quite large, you often have to wait in line.

Ulun Danu temple

This is one of the most sacred water temples in Bali, located on Bratan Lake. The scenery here can remind visitors of Bien Ho Lake (meaning Sea lake) in the Central Highlands (Vietnam) when surrounded by mountains and white clouds dancing. The temple is located on a plateau so the air here is fresh and cool. Many kinds of flowers blooming along the roads to visit the temple make this place even more attractive. Tourists are not difficult to take a good picture at the temple, especially on a sunny day.
Ulun Danu temple, Bali, Indonesia.
Ulun Danu temple, Bali, Indonesia.
You can relax by strolling or rent a canoe to the lake to admire sightseeing with the price of 300,000 IDR (about 500,000 VND) for 20 minutes, carrying about 6 people. Outside the temple, there is a play area for children with swings, slide bridges, seesaw ... Entrance fee is 50,000 IDR (about 80,000 VND).

Tanah Lot Temple

It is also a water temple but Tanah Lot is located in the middle of the sea, on a big rock, waves lapping day and night. To come here to worship, visitors have to wade through an undersea road only exposed when the tide recedes in the early morning or late afternoon. Around 17h, the series of people joined in tandem to enter the temple foot. The monks will give holy water and white rice to the pilgrims. Guests are restricted to the area above the temple.
Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia.
Not only is Bali's most sacred temple, Tanah Lot also attracts many tourists who like photography, especially at sunset. Opposite the temple is a row of restaurants, high coffee for visitors to relax, wait for the sunset and hunt for photos. Beverage costs from IDR 35,000 (nearly VND 60,000) a cup. Tickets to the temple is 60,000 IDR (about 100,000 VND).
Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Temple
If you take the time, you can move to another viewing spot about 500 meters north. The scenery obtained is the sunset light on the stone bridge crossing the sea - where Batu Bolong Temple is located. When the sun had just turned off, hundreds of thousands of bats flew out of the cave to find food.

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple, Bali, Indonesia.Want to integrate into the religious life of the people of Bali, you should come to Tirta Empul once. This is a temple surrounding a sacred stream, believed to be capable of healing all diseases. Therefore, the pool with the water flowing from the stream is the most crowded place.

Photo: @ agirlwhoblooms / Instagram 
Visitors are forced to wrap sa-rong when entering the temple. Before going to the lake, everyone offered incense and prayed. One by one, they each held their heads under 12 spring fountains, in order from left to right, as a ritual for their wish to come true. The scenery of the clear lake, silhouetted by an ancient tree also became an inspiration for thousands of visitors to record the ritual of bathing in the stream. Alternatively, you can check-in with the Candi Bentar gate located under an ancient tree in the temple, koi fish pond or chat with peddlers outside the temple.

Fruit market

This is the place that will give you brilliant photos with tropical fruit stalls such as mango, banana, guava, passion fruit, dragon fruit, mangosteen, orange, avocado, star fruit, watermelon, strawberry ... In That, salak is a local specialty, with a snake-like skin, white inner, fleshy but slightly dry taste.

On the way back from Ulun Danu Temple, you can visit the local market Candi Kuning, one of the two main markets in the Bedugul area. The fruit here is very diverse, priced at around 20,000 - 50,000 IDR (40,000 - 100,000 VND) a kilogram depending on the type, you should bargain to get a good price.
Fruit market in Bali, Indonesia.
Fruit market in Bali, Indonesia.
In addition to fruits, the market also sells fresh vegetables, dried fruits, biscuits, peanuts, sweet corn ... The owners are friendly locals, dressed in traditional costumes and ready to smile. when guests hold up the camera or suggest taking a picture together.

Jimbaran beach

As a famous beach in Bali, located south of Ngurah Rai International Airport, Jimbaran concentrates many seafood restaurants and hotels right on the sand. Returning from island trips, tourists often come here to enjoy a romantic dinner on the sea. The restaurant arranges tables and chairs right on the sand, so guests can have meals and hear the murmuring waves. Seafood of all kinds are marinated and grilled to suit Vietnamese taste.
Jimbaran beach, Indonesia.
Photo: Sunshine Seeker.
The crowded traveling group can reserve traditional music performances in advance to serve during meals. If not, you can mix with the exciting songs performed by local bands at the table and tip the encouragement. Some groups of guests even set firework parties by the sea to celebrate big days such as birthdays, honeymoon, wedding ...


Breakfast served right at the swimming pool is a popular service of hotels and resorts in Bali. Instead of putting on the table, bread, fruits, egg butter, potatoes, cocktails ... are placed in a floating tray in the middle of a green pool. Diners both shower and sip breakfast as a way to enjoy life. This is also a familiar image in check-in photos of "rich children" when traveling.
Beach in Bali, Indonesia. Beach in Bali, Indonesia.
Usually, this service is not included in the room rate, so when booking a hotel or resort, you have to pay an extra fee if you want to have a "virtual living" photo. The place chosen by many tourists is the Ubud area, because of the lush green mountains and unique resorts. Depending on the breakfast menu you ordered, prices may vary, averaging around USD $ 50 for a set of two.

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