10 experiences to try when coming to New Zealand

Conquering volcanic craters or visiting glowing fireflies caves are unique experiences in Kiwi country.

jumping on the Kawarau River
Bungee jumping on the Kawarau River is one of the most fascinating experiences when coming to New Zealand. Queenstown City is considered the origin of the most adventurous sport on the planet - bungee jumping. Before joining, visitors are given a health check, then signed a commitment to bear all responsibility if there is a risk. When completed, you are issued a certificate. The information about players will be updated on the global website system. The cost for each jump is clearly divided by age. On average, a jump with an adult of more than VND 4 million, including filming and shooting services.
White Island volcano
The White Island volcano conquest is a new experience with many tourists. This is the only sea volcano still active in New Zealand. Visitors can come by tourist boat from the town of Whakatane.

In addition to the boiling volcano crater, it still preserves the ruins of a sulfur mine once destroyed by the eruption in 1914. To visit the White Island volcano, it takes about a day.
village of Hobbit dwarfs
Visiting the village of Hobbit dwarfs becomes the favorite tourist activity in Kiwi after the success of the Lord of the Rings movie. Hobbit village in Matamata, north of New Zealand has about 44 small houses half-hidden in the underground. 

Most houses are locked, but there are also several one openings for visitors to admire the unique interior. The road leading into the village is also picturesque, with lush green hills.
the traditional Haka dance of the Maori Aboriginal people
Admiring the traditional Haka dance of the Maori Aboriginal people in the cultural village of Tamaki Maori is a memorable experience. In the past, the Maori tribe warriors often performed this dance before the battle to suppress the spirit of the enemy. Today, visitors to the Maori Aboriginal village will be greeted by the landlord by touching 2 noses each other and starting the Haka dance.
fireflies in Waitomo Glowworm cave
Seeing millions of fireflies in Waitomo Glowworm cave will make visitors surprised. Although detected and discovered in 1940, the firefly cave in New Zealand is estimated to be up to 30 million years old. The cave is located more than 40 meters deep underground and is lit by millions of fireflies. Tourists come here to be immersed in a fantasy scene like floating in the middle of the galaxy with a multitude of sparkling stars.
Hangi kitchen
Cooking with the Hangi kitchen is an exciting culinary experience in New Zealand. Maori aboriginal cooking has historical roots for up to 2,000 years. First, they dig a hole deep underground, burn coal and heat volcanic rocks. The food consists of lamb, chicken, and beef placed on volcanic rock, followed by another layer of rock, then covered with leaves. Finally, the Maori fill the ground and wait for about 3-4 hours for the food to be cooked. This way of cooking is like a barbecue but still retains moisture like steaming food, especially loved by New Zealanders.
sulfur city" on the North Island
Visiting "sulfur city" on the North Island will bring visitors a completely different experience about New Zealand. Rotorua city was built on the crater with columns of white smoke flooding the sky and the smell of sulfur filling the air. Currently, there are about 500 smoke-spraying ponds, 65 geysers in the whole city, of which 7 geysers operate regularly with strong intensity. Te Puia is the most famous hot spring stream here, regularly spraying mineral water and sulfur smoke columns tens of meters high.
Sky Tower television tower.
Challenge the courage on the Sky Tower television tower. This is one of the tallest towers in the world, 328 meters. The elevator system here will take you to the main observation platform at an altitude of 186 meters to explore Auckland. The second viewing platform at a height of 220 meters has glass floors, if you overcome the fear, feel free to watch the city under your footsteps. There is also a Sky Jump game from 190 meters above the ground.
Muriwai black sand beach
Walking on the Muriwai black sand beach is one of the special experiences in New Zealand. Black sand is formed from the ash of volcanic eruptions. Muriwai is also the nesting place for sea urchins, visitors can follow the walking path to the capes to feel the peaceful setting of this black sand beach.
world's largest Aoraki Mackenzie night sky reserve
Surround yourself in the world's largest Aoraki Mackenzie night sky reserve is an unforgettable experience for visitors. Located on the volcanic belt of Tekapo Lake, the reserve is a beautiful spot suitable for viewing the aurora. At Mt. John observatory, visitors can observe brilliant aurora bands, reflected in the black sky through the telescope.

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