Transparent frogs and 10 exotic creatures live in the Amazon forest

The Amazon rainforest (South America) is home to millions of animal and plant species. The magic of evolution has created some strange, beautiful and fascinating creatures here.

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Candiru fish
Candiru fish: Candiru (canero, toothpick, vampire fish) is a catfish that lives in parasites in freshwater. This creature can be longer than 40 cm and is found throughout the Amazon basin. Candiru is known for its parasitic living in the gills of larger fish and sucking blood from hosts to survive. Photo: All That's Interesting.
Potoo Potoo
Potoo Potoo: Potoo Potoo is a group of birds belonging to the fern-owl and podargidae family, living all over the Amazon rainforest. These creatures were called disguised masters. They live at night and spend the whole day immobile on a tree with half-closed eyes. The stump was carefully chosen by Potoo Potoo because it will be the home for their only egg. Photos: Pinterest.
Glass frog
Glass frog: Glass frog of Centrolenidae family. What makes this animal so attractive is that its internal organs can be seen through the skin on the underside of the body. The size of glass frogs usually ranges from 3-7.5 cm long. They are also known as the predator eating their own child. Photo: Reddit.
Jesus lizard
Jesus lizard: Jesus lizard can run on the water surface. That miraculous power is the source of the name of this creature. When fleeing from predators, the lizard opens the toe to reveal a special thin film. With enough momentum, lizards can run successfully on surfaces as far as 20 m. They are found throughout tropical rain forests in Central and Northwestern South America. Photo: Your Keyword Basket.
Bull shark
Bull shark: Although considered a common saltwater creature, bull sharks are discovered in the freshwater environment of Amazon, more than 4,000 km from the sea. The shark is big and heavy. Adult females can be longer than 3.3 m and weigh more than 300 kg. They can adapt to freshwater or saltwater environments and live their entire life in a river system. Many experts have assigned bull sharks the world's most dangerous shark. Photo:

Decoy Spider
Decoy Spider: Decoy spider: Decoy spider belonging to the Cyclosa genus. This animal is about 5 mm long but can create a decoy spider made from dry leaves and debris completely with a much larger size. Decoy spider was first discovered at Tambopata Research Center (Peru). Photo: Ciência Hoje no Tumblr.
Capybara: Capybara is the largest rodent in the world, weighing more than 90 kg, living in herds reaching up to 100 animals, most commonly in groups of 10-20 individuals. This animal is the favorite prey of South American python, jaguar, ocelot brocade cat and caiman crocodile. They have an average life of about four years, are herbivores, so they are not dangerous to humans. Photo:
Arapaima: Arapaima (or paiche) is the largest freshwater fish in South America. Some individuals are 2.5 m longer and weigh more than 100 kg. The largest fish recorded is 4.52 m long. Arapaima has gills with tissue structure like lung so it needs to float to the surface after 5-15 minutes to breathe air. Photo: Dailymotion.
Electric eel
Electric eel: Electric eel is the only known species in the genus of electric fish. They can generate strong electric shocks as a defense mechanism and for hunting. Known for unusual reproductive behavior, in the dry season, males will build nests from the saliva so that females lay eggs. 3,000 juveniles can hatch from the egg of a female. Photos: Pinterest.
Pink dolphin
Pink dolphin: Pink dolphin is considered as the most famous inhabitants of the Amazon River. The reason these river dolphins have separate pink skin has not been properly explained. However, some people think that because of blood capillaries near the skin surface. According to legend, in the evening, pink dolphins can turn themselves into a man, hypnotize and seduce naive, young women. Photo: Jolly Tour International.

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