7 famous airlines allow you to travel everywhere with pets

If you plan to travel with your pet everywhere, you should look for and choose the best airline, allowing passengers to bring pets at a reasonable price.

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Air Canada
Air Canada: Air Canada is Canada's national airline. This is also the largest airline in the country. The airline regulates that pets allowed to board are cats and dogs. They must be fit and comfortable when placed under the seat in front of you (pets can stand up and turn around). The maximum weight of pets and cats and dog bags is over 9 kg. Cost 50-59 USD / way (not tax) or 100 USD / way (with tax), depending on destination. This condition applies to both international and domestic flights. Photo: Thegolfclub.
Air France
Air France: Air France is the national airline of France. The company has stipulated that pets allowed on board aircraft are small dogs and cats with a maximum weight of about 7.7 kg including transport bags. However, for guide dogs, all weights are accepted. From November 2017, this airline does not allow passengers to bring in containers that contain pets on board. Note, pets will not be accepted for business class tickets on intercontinental flights. Cost of 153.56 USD with flight departing from the US. This condition applies domestic and international flights. Photo: Fondos de Pantalla.
American Airlines
American Airlines: American Airlines (AA) is the largest airline in the world in terms of passenger volume, transportation distance and fleet size. Cats and dogs over 8 weeks old can sit in a crib under a chair in front of you in flight. Maximum weight of more than 9 kg includes shipping bag. Cost: 125 USD / way. Except for transatlantic flights, flight times of more than 12 hours and numbered aircrafts A321, A321S, A321H, A320, A319, passengers can bring pets with them. Photo: DennisBunnik Travels.
Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines: Delta is an American airline, offering international flights around the world. Dogs, cats (domestic and international) and ornamental birds (only in the US) must be 10 weeks old for domestic travel and 16 weeks for international flights. The maximum weight of pets is not limited but the size must fit, comfortable to place under the seat. Cost of 125 USD / way (North American flight) and 200 USD / way (international flight). Photo: Airlines Official Site.

JetBlue Airways
JetBlue Airways: JetBlue is a popular low-cost airline in the US, serving most domestic flights and some international regions. Cats and dogs smaller than 9 kg (including shipping bags) are allowed to board the aircraft. However, the size of the pet does not exceed 43.18 cm in length, 31.75 cm in width and 21.59 cm in height. Cost: USD 100 / way, applicable both domestic and international flights. Photo: Recreo Viral.
Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines: Southwest is the largest low-cost airline in the US, possessing the third-largest number of aircraft in the world. Small cats and dogs on the plane are not limited to weight, the size must be fit, comfortable when moving under the seat. Cost: 95 USD / way. Pets are not applicable for international flights, except in certain circumstances. Photo: Twitter.
United Airlines
United Airlines: United is a major US airline, operating a large network of domestic and international routes. Cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds domesticated (excluding fighting chickens) larger than 8 weeks are pets allowed to carry on this airline. Pets weight is not limited as long as the size fits to fit under the seat. However, pets are not allowed on flights to and from Australia, Hawaii (USA) or Micronesia. Cost: 125 USD / way, more 125 USD for additional service if transit more than 4 hours in the US or more than 24 hours in another country. The rules for bringing pets in each international ticket class are different. Photo: El Tribuno.

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