7 dishes make Quy Nhon culinary brand

The long-standing lagu bread, noodle, and grilled meat roll bars are always crowded with tourists exploring Quy Nhon cuisine.

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Quy Nhon cuisine.

Lagu bread

Mrs. Thom's restaurant is dubbed the "first lagu bread" in Quy Nhon city, has been favored for 30 years. The restaurant is located in a small alley on Nguyen Hue Street. Diners will love the big piece of pork right in the middle of the soup bowl with the aroma, sweetness and medium softness of the meat.

The alley just fits a motorbike, the bar space is not so big, but from late afternoon to late at night, the restaurant is always crowded with guests. The price for a meal is VND 35,000, the extra bread costs VND 3,000.
Quy Nhon cuisine.

Meat roll noodle

Diners easily find meat roll noodles in the city center. The dish includes fresh vermicelli, fermented pork roll, grilled fish rolls and raw vegetables, a little more peanuts, pickled vegetables, and cilantro coriander. The deliciousness of the dish depends on the dipping sauce, each restaurant has its own secret. The standard sauce bowl must be spicy, sweet and salt balanced. Each vermicelli is priced from 20,000 VND.
Quy Nhon cuisine.

Egg noodle soup with wontons

The food is suitable for breakfast if you are in the center of Quy Nhon city. You can find vermicelli, noodle soup, wonton shop of "Chinese father and son" on the Ngo Thoi Nhiem road for nearly 50 years. The restaurant has three main dishes: vermicelli, noodles, and wonton. A wonton noodle bowl cost 70,000 VND.
Quy Nhon cuisine.

Grilled meat roll

There is no sweet taste like the kind of Southern spring rolls or sour taste of Hue spring rolls, skin not as much as Thanh's region, the spring rolls of this land are pink and slightly sweet. In Binh Dinh, spring rolls are always wrapped in a layer of young guava leaves to smell good. In addition to eating fresh, you can also enjoy grilled meat roll with a strange taste. People also eat with raw garlic to add flavor. Each one costs 5,000 VND.
Quy Nhon cuisine.

Shrimp pancake

The full name of this dish is a vegetable sprout prawn pancake. The main ingredients are red-orange shrimps on the golden cake base. Shrimps must be small, freshwater shrimps but firm. When ripe, shrimp change red color with a sweet taste. The dish is not picky, only a thin layer of powder below, above is shrimp, beansprouts, some onions. The success of the dish is the indispensable cup of sauce made from pure fish sauce and spices. When eating country pancake, you can pack with sprouts, cucumber, star fruit ... Each meal costs VND 30,000.
Quy Nhon cuisine.

Pork bowel cake

This dish is usually sold in the evening. The pork bowel cake has a medium pliant, moderately soft thread, no longer pungent, it is covered in a layer of chives that served with pork bowel. This dish is also served with bowel porridge cooked from the bowel boiled water. Dishes served are always hot, the price of a meal varies from 25,000 to 40,000 VND.
Quy Nhon cuisine.

Fried fish noodle

Together with Nha Trang and Da Nang, Quy Nhon noodle contributes to the brand of the famous Central dish nationwide. What makes the attraction of the dish must be mentioned is fried fish. In Binh Dinh, fried fish cakes are made of lizard-fish, barracuda, mackerel, catfish ...

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