9 cities own the most beautiful canal system in the world

America's Departures Magazine has just published a list of nine cities that own the most beautiful canals in the world. In particular, Can Tho won the fourth position.

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Utrecht, the Netherlands
1. Utrecht, the Netherlands: Cruising on a canal over 200 years old will give you a new perspective on the city. Previously, local people built houses on this canal to serve the business. Today, those houses have become one of the most popular restaurants in the city. You can go along the canal and visit restaurants by boat by tour, canoe or kayak ... Photo: Stefano Oppo.
Quebeces, Belgium
2. Quebeces, Belgium: This canal was formed in 1128. Today, locals still travel by boat on the water here. To see the full beauty of the city with its charming European architecture houses, buy a 30-minute boat ticket. Photo: Departures.
Hamburg, Germany

3. Hamburg, Germany: The canal that flows around this city originates from the Alster River. Visitors can see all the magnificent architecture here by taking a local boat tour. Photo: Andrea Kamal.
Can Tho, Vietnam
4. Can Tho, Vietnam: Located in the Mekong Delta, this is the center of the network of canals and large rivers. Here, visitors can visit Cai Rang floating market to enjoy local cuisine and discover the beauty of labor of people in the river. Photo: Dmytro Gilitukha.
In early June of this year, billionaire Brother Joe Lewis also visited Miss Cai's floating market with his granddaughter. Here, Carolyn Carter (Miss US Virgin 2016) was very excited to see the beauty of the Mekong Delta by boat and enjoy the special cuisine. In addition, this place has also been chosen as a location to experience in culinary discovery programs of Thailand or EBS (Korea) ... Photo: Carolyn Carter.
Cape Coral, Florida, USA
5. Cape Coral, Florida, USA: This place owns the longest canal system in the world with about 644 km. Most of the canal was built in the 1970s. Restaurants in Cape Coral become more romantic when embellished by the cool blue water flowing through. Photo: Getty.
Alleppey, Kerala, India
6. Alleppey, Kerala, India: This canal is being expanded and deepened to help the water flow. When you take leisure by boat in the sunset, you will feel relaxed and peaceful. Photo: Stuart Black.
Tigre, Argentina
7. Tigre, Argentina: Located about 45 minutes from the capital city of Buenos Aires, Tigre is famous as a town surrounded by the Parana Delta canal system. The colorful, architecturally beautiful houses are surrounded by water like small islands. Visitors can only come here by boat or water taxi. Photo: Marcela Vieira.
Bangkok, Thailand
8. Bangkok, Thailand: The canals in Bangkok once supported trade and transportation for locals. However, the water here is gradually polluted by the waste of households living around the canals. Photo: Pakin Songmor.
Petersburg, Russia
9. Petersburg, Russia: The canals here go through some famous places in the city such as Herm Hermes Museum, churches and castles possessing magnificent architecture. Photo: Leonid Andronov.

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